London Bridge Station

London Bridge Station - Aug 2014_161pc_800x500

Above: Looking along two of the new platforms towards the Shard of Glass.  

Have you travelled to London Bridge Station in recent weeks? It may be that your trains arrive and depart from Platforms 1 to 6, in which case you may not have noticed the new developments to the main concourse or the high-number platforms. Four platforms on the south side of the station have been completed, with another two under construction. The picture appeared in an article recently, taken from an interesting angle, showing the Shard of Glass at end end of the new platforms.

That is not all that has been happening. Passengers approaching platforms 1 to 6 now walk under the round concrete pillars that will soon be supporting the two new railway lines that will align with the additional Borough High Street bridge that was erected two years ago and, as yet, has not carried any trains. These two extra railway lines will increase capacity through London Bridge Station by 50% and make a big difference to the number of services that can pass through the station, on their way to Charing Cross Station, Cannon Street Station and, of course, the busy route from Brighton to Bedford.


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