A Strange Plaque in Camberwell

Px5457_800x500 - 24 Jan 2015

Above: Plaque to be seen on the wall in Camberwell Station Road.

There is absolutely no point to this story at all and that is what makes it so unusual. This article will be short for the simple reason that there is really very little to be said. But the plaque is a curio nevertheless.

I wonder what was so momentous on 6 May 2010. It caused somebody to place this plaque on the wall which supports a railway embankment in Camberwell Station Road. Camberwell once had a station but that was closed down a long time ago and the only reminder of it is the street name plate. It can hardly relate to that. The plaque has been made to a high standard and, apart from the sticker, five years later, it looks as good as new. Nobody seems to know anything about it and so the mystery continues.

Some time back the Southwark News ran an article on this plaque The paper also contacted the Southwark Blue Plaque scheme steering committee who confirmed it was not their work and also asked those involved in Camberwell Arts Week, but nobody laid claim to it.

According to a Web article, this plaque was originally seen north of the river – in Rivington Street near Old Street at what was called the Dirty Square Gallery which was not in a building but on a brick wall. Along with the plaque was a small picture frame and a few coins stuck to the wall. The plaque was made by Leo Koivistoinen and Eilidh Short. There is no explanation of why it made it down to Camberwell Station Road. Perhaps not knowing why it is there only adds to the interest of this unusual object.


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