New Cross Gate Station View

Px01438_800x300_AV-HDR - 11 Mar 2015

Above: View from the new high walkway of the station on 11 March 2015. Starting on the left we can see: Shard of Glass; St Paul’s Cathedral; the light-topped slightly  curved shape of 20 Fenchurch Street (commonly known as the ‘Walkie Talkie’); Leadenhall Building, with the sloping side (commonly known as the ‘Cheese-grater’); 30 St Mary Axe (commonly known as the ‘Gherkin’); and on the far right is the Heron Tower.

London Seen

Ever since it was built, almost nothing has been done to renovate New Cross Gate Station. A few years ago it was taken over as part of the Overground line from Crystal Palace to Dalston Junction and one by one the stations have been made more pedestrian friendly. Because the station needs stairs to access the five platforms, new electric lifts were installed 2014-15 for disabled access. This meant that the old walkways have been removed and new, wider ones, with shiny new glass windows have been added.

This has meant that the views from the station walkways have suddenly become clearer and what views that are! Because the land from New Cross Gate Station to the City of London is completely flat, the view across about a mile or so is virtually uninterrupted.

The six principal buildings in the view are described in detail in the caption. The view of the City is at quite an acute angle because we are looking at the buildings, not from the south, but from the SE. The white buildings in the foreground are the roofs of a large Sainsbury’s store and the lamp-posts nearby stand in the store’s large car park. It is almost worth visiting the station just to admire the view – and also admire the workmanship that has gone into making the station part of the 21st century!


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