Camberwell Station

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Above: The lower walls of Camberwell Station today. The upper level (platform level) was removed several years ago.

If you were to walk from Camberwell Green in the direction of Kennington Oval, your route would take you along Camberwell New Road. A short distance from the green a railway bridge crosses the the road. On the left is a turning called Camberwell Station Road.

Px01329_800x500 - 24 Feb 2015

Above: Name plate for Camberwell Station Road bent to follow the line of  two walls at odd angles to the pavement.

Opened in 1863 by the London Chatham and Dover Railway, the station was never busy, probably because it was too far to walk from Camberwell Green. As with many other stations, the economies that had to be made during the First World War forced Camberwell Station to close in 1916 and it was never to be opened again.

Some of the station buildings were later taken down but the old station remains, up to the first floor level, beside the road, now in use by a garage mechanic. Part of the old station platforms also remain. If you want to know what the full height station would have looked like, you only have to travel to Elephant and Castle Railway Station which is still in operation and was built in a similar same style.

Px01339_800x500 - 24 Feb 2015

Above: View of the entrance from the street to Elephant and Castle Station. Camberwell Station would have looked very similar.

Camberwell is not well served by railways. There is Loughborough Junction Station, at Coldharbour Lane, and another is Denmark Hill Station but neither if them could be said to be ‘central’ to Camberwell Green.

The railway line still runs through the old Camberwell Station which is on the line from Blackfriars via Elephant and Castle to Loughborough Junction. Sadly, trains no longer stop for the Camberwell residents.


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2 Responses to Camberwell Station

  1. Andrew says:

    If you take the train to & from Loughborough Junction station or Elephant & Castle, you’ll pass through extensive shrubland, glimpse the remains of the platform foundations and see the wider embankment to accommodate the platforms!


  2. Thanks for that Andrew. I must get out more and take a ride on that railway line which I have never used before.


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