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South Wharf, Rotherhithe

Above: View from the beach at low tide, looking towards the land at Rotherhithe. The steps mark the northern extent of the original South Wharf. The red-building stands on land which was once South Wharf and is nowpart of Surrey … Continue reading

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Prefab in Lordship Lane

Above: Prefab at 238 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich. Notice that the title is ‘Prefab (singular) in Lordship Lane’. The very reason for writing the article is because there is now only one left in Lordship Lane. The lane is quite … Continue reading

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St Paul, Deptford

Above: View of the church from the south. It could be thought of as a ‘country’ scene, with the church surrounded by open space and fine trees. “An Inner City church in a country setting” St Paul’s church, standing in … Continue reading

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Lyncombe, 1 Crescent Wood Road

Above: A view of the house and garden from one end of the double drive leading from Crescent Wood Road. The story you are about to read is not only a history of the house but it will also give … Continue reading

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Victoria Tower by Moonlight

Above: A moonlight night in Westminster, with the Victoria Tower in the background. Standing under a street lamp, a woman watches a man walk away. The attractive painting is by Yoshio Markino (1869–1956), a Japanese artist and author who spent … Continue reading

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Wolf on the Hill

Above: The very realistic figure of a wolf beside the roadway at Denmark Hill. Yes, ‘Wolf on the Hill’ is correct and not ‘Fox on the Hill’ ! Those of you who know Camberwell will probably be familiar with the … Continue reading

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Long View in Borough High Street

Above: View of the City from Borough High Street, taken on 12 March 2015. I don’t know how you see London. We are all different and therefore our perceptions are also going to vary. Having lived in London all my … Continue reading

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