Waterloo Memorial on Waterloo Station

Px03296_800x520 - 17 Jun 2015

Above: The whole memorial on Waterloo Station.

Its rather like a piece of information that nobody explains but everybody seems to know – Waterloo Station was named after the Battle of Waterloo. In fact its a little more complicated than that. A new bridge was opened over the Thames shortly after the Battle of Waterloo and although it was to have been called ‘Strand Bridge’ the name was changed and it was opened under the name of ‘Waterloo Bridge’. As a result, the area near the bridge (at the southern end) was called Waterloo and that led to the naming of the station terminus. What is strange is that there is no plaque on the station commemorating the Battle of Waterloo – until now.

The memorial was devised and designed by SE1-based artist Jason Brooks – who also led the Dog & Pot project – and it was funded by the London Mint Office. The centrepiece of the memorial is a bronze replica of the Waterloo campaign medal depicting Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory.

Px03299_800x500_EasyHDR3 - 17 Jun 2015

Above: Detail of the bronze replica of the Waterloo Campaign Medal, given to all soldiers who took part in the battle, which is at the centre of the memorial. To make it easier to see, the original photograph has been enhanced.

The Waterloo Memorial is on part of the wall beside the new balcony above the concourse of Waterloo Station. The unveiling of the memorial took place on 10 June 2015 as part a series of Waterloo 200 events taking place in the Waterloo locality. The memorial was unveiled by the ninth Duke of Wellington.

WAC Gallery in Baylis Road has hosted an exhibition about the Battle of  Waterloo in 1815, where copies of a specially produced local history leaflet by Stephen Humphrey were on sale.

It would seem a very fitting place to have a memorial since the station still bears the name of that famous battle. The station name is known across most of the world.


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9 Responses to Waterloo Memorial on Waterloo Station

  1. clavdivs26 says:

    Beautiful plaque!!. Why did it take sooooo long to acquire one when the bridge was built a hundred years earlier? And who decided to change the name from Stand to Waterloo? If it was in lieu of the battle having been fought, you’d think they’d have efforted a plaque as well, then. History certainly has its interesting turns.


  2. clavdivs26 says:

    Jason Brooks, the designer of the plaque, he’s a designer more so? (http://www.jason-brooks.com/) Are you familiar with his upcoming (or already available) London Sketchbook (http://www.laurenceking.com/us/london-sketchbook/)


  3. After the victory of the Battle of Waterloo noone in England could think of anything else and so the naming of the bridge was almost inevitable. It was even opened by the Duke of Wellington.


  4. clavdivs26 says:

    So the original bridge was dedicated by the Duke of Wellington, and this current unveiling of the plaque was done by the 9th Duke of Wellington, a great great grandson? How delightful!


  5. Yes, its a good story with a great ending – 200 years later.


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