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Forest Hill Brewery

Above: Tiled sign in Tintern Street, Brixton. You might expect the tiled sign, which is still in good condition after being on a wall for something like 80 to 100 years, to be on display in the Forest Hill area. … Continue reading

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St Antholin Church Spire

Above: St Antholin’s spire still to be seen in Sydenham, just over the Forest Hill border. The church of St Antholin, designed by Christopher Wren and rebuilt after the Great Fire of London, used to stand at a point where … Continue reading

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Crystal Palace Frightful Accident

Above: The pathway leading to the entrance door of St Bartholomew, Sydenham. A disaster that is seldom mentioned – even by those who live in Sydenham and know its history – is when a group of workmen fell to their … Continue reading

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Kent House

Above: Engraving of Kent House which appeared in a two-volume work called ‘Greater London’, produced by Edward Walford, published about 1882. At that time the building was still a farmhouse. Standing on the border between Beckenham and Penge, the large … Continue reading

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Melon Road, Peckham

Above: The street name plate of Melon Road is as close as anyone comes to the subject of melons in this part of London. Records for South London, in the Domesday Book (1086), show that there was a ‘Manor of … Continue reading

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Kentish Drovers Tavern Old Kent Road, and the Tram

Above: A ‘then and now’ view in Old Kent Road from similar viewpoints. “A Moment in Time” The wonderful sepia photograph was taken in Old Kent Road, looking towards London. There is not much traffic to be seen. The photographer … Continue reading

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Ravensbourne River at Southend

Above: View looking south at the curve in Bromley Road with the Tiger’s Head pub seen in the distance. “A Moment in Time” This charming view was published as a postcard some time before 1914. It looks south along the … Continue reading

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Payne’s Wharf

Above: The completed development seen from the Isle of Dogs in April 2015. Payne’s Wharf was on the right. Its original brick arches have been retained in the new building. Borthwick’s Wharf was on the left, where the modern tower … Continue reading

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Deptford Wharf Branch Line 

Above: The abutment of the old railway bridge crossing Evelyn Street. “Evelyn Street Railway Bridge” Evelyn Street (named after John Evelyn, the 17th century diarist), runs SE as the continuation of Lower Road. As a London Street it is singularly … Continue reading

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George Inn, Rushey Green

Above: View looking across Rushey Green at the pub a few years before it was closed. As time goes by, London is losing two or three pubs every week. One of the recent casualties was the George Inn which, before … Continue reading

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