Ravensbourne River at Southend

Px03347_800x500 - 23 Jun 2015

Above: View looking south at the curve in Bromley Road with the Tiger’s Head pub seen in the distance.

“A Moment in Time”

This charming view was published as a postcard some time before 1914. It looks south along the curved part of Bromley Road. It would not be possible to take a matching view today because housing blocks now stand beside Bromley Road blocking the view nearest to the camera position.

The Tiger’s Head pub is the last building beside Bromley Road, partially obscured by the trees at the bend in the road.

Southend Pond (google) - labelled

Above: Modern map showing the position of the photographer (BLUE arrow) and the site of the Tiger’s Head pub (RED).

Sadly, the Tiger’s Head pub was demolished a few years back and its site – at the junction with Southend Lane – is now occupied by a block of flats. It was established as the George, early in the 18th century. Being so close to Lower Mill (of which the mill pond remains and can be seen on the map) it must have gained plenty of customers from the cutlers employed at the mill in its early days. The name changed to the Tiger’s Head in the 1740s. The pub was rebuilt in 1901-1902, destroyed by a flying bomb in 1944, and later rebuilt.

The remaining mill pond, mentioned in the last paragraph, is known as Southend Pond. On one side is now the large store called Homebase.

Not only were there no buildings lining Bromley Road on the side where the River Ravensbourne flows but there were no buildings to be seen on the other side of the road either. Bromley Road is now a very busy thoroughfare for traffic travelling between Catford and Bromley. It is all a ‘far cry’ from how it all looks in that scene photographed soon after the turn of the 1900s.


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1 Response to Ravensbourne River at Southend

  1. Iris Barrett says:

    Have many fond memories of Southend Pond on summer weekend nights. We could catch a bus from the Old Kent Road, my brother and I would have a ride in the boats and parents would have a drink in the Green Man pub opposite. Derek remembers doing the same.


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