Mumford’s Mill


Above: View of the old mill building in 2001 before being redeveloped. It was taken from Deptford Bridge DLR Station on the modern viaduct built across Deptford Broadway.

Mumford’s Flour Mills were founded in 1790, built beside Deptford Creek. The mills were supplied by small craft entering the Creek from the Thames. Mumford’s Mills flourished throughout the 19th century. It should be noted that 11 Mills were recorded in the Domesday Book (1086), all standing on the River Ravensbourne. Because Mumford’s Mill was not erected until 1790, it is not one of those 11 ancient mills.

A new large mill was erected 1897, designed by Sir Aston Webb and Ingress Bell. There are large inscriptions at the top of the building showing ‘1790, 1897, Mumford’s Greenwich Flour Mills’ and ’S P Mumford & Co’.

In the 1930s the building was acquired by the Rank Group. Since then the building has stood empty for several decades. The Rank Group was founded by Joseph Rank in 1875 as a flour milling business and is still in existence today, now known as Rank Hovis McDougal (RHM). Incidentally, the equally famous J Arthur Rank film business was also started by a member of the same family.

The Grade II listed building was converted into a development called Mumford`s Mill. The development by Rees Mellish Ltd was completed by 2005. It provides 36 large residential apartments, including a triplex penthouse and four shell unit apartments. The entire shell of this Greenwich landmark building has been retained – including the fine decorative frieze, brickwork and stone. The communal garden above the secure stacker car parking system was seen as an innovative design solution to provide amenity space without impinging on the courtyard below.

Work to convert the large original building into a housing development called ‘Mumford Mills’ was completed by 2005. The old mill stands between Deptford Creek (which is part of the River Ravensbourne) and Greenwich High Road. The site is within the London Borough of Greenwich.


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