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Above: Coldharbour seen on the panorama by Visscher 1616. It is clear that it was a very large mansion. “Upper Thames Street – Part 14” Coldharbour was a medieval mansion that stood on the north bank of the River Thames … Continue reading

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Above: Part of Hollar’s panorama of the City of London of 1646, showing the buildings of the Steelyard beside the Thames. “Upper Thames Street – Part 13” The origins of The Steelyard go back to Saxon times. Foreign merchants were … Continue reading

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Walbrook Dock

Above: Walbrook Dock seen from Bankside, on the Southwark side of the Thames. The empty barges are seen waiting for the rubbish containers to be loaded onto them. The high brick wall of Cannon Street Station is to be seen … Continue reading

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Three Cranes Wharf

Above: The three cranes shown on the Agas map of c1561. “Upper Thames Street – Part 11” The site of the ancient Three Cranes Wharf was east of Queenhithe (Dock) and it extended for some distance — as can be … Continue reading

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St Michael Paternoster Royal

Above: Looking west at the church from College Street. “Upper Thames Street – Part 10” The earliest mention of the church was 1219. The site has not changed over the years, but the church would have appeared further up College … Continue reading

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Southwark Bridge

Above: Today’s Southwark Bridge, the second one on the same site, seen across the river from Bankside in Southwark. “Upper Thames Street – Part 9” Compared with some of the dates for places of interest along Upper Thames Street, which … Continue reading

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Vintners’ Hall

Above: Vintners’ Hall which faces onto Upper Thames Street. “Upper Thames Street – Part 8” When William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings, in 1066, he lived at the Palace of Westminster. He had brought many of the French … Continue reading

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