Wren Spires (3 of 5)

Px04933_Stamp_261x400_email - 11 Oct 2015

Above: An ‘email stamp’ showing the towers of St Mary Somerset (foreground) and St Mary Aldermary.

This stamp presents another ‘cluster’ — with two fine Wren stone towers and the rather intrusive building works on a tall office block in the background. The church of St Mary Somerset was demolished in the 19th century, leaving its elegant tower standing alone on the north side of Upper Thames Street. A short distance further away we see another elegant tower which stands beside the body of the church of St Mary Aldermary.

Even if you live in London, there is never an ‘ideal time’ to take pictures of its buildings. There will almost certainly be something which you wish was not in the picture. A short distance north of the Bank of England stood a tall office block called Angel Court. In 2014 the exterior and the office floors of the building were taken down, leaving the rather stark central core which contains the original lift-shafts. This is being retained as part of the refurbishment of the office block. As if that was not bad enough, there are also two cranes to be seen cluttering the view. It is hoped to re-make the stamp at a future date and add ‘a touch of class’ in the background to grace Wrens two elegant towers.


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