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Ludgate Hill on a Snowy Day

“London in 1891” William John Loftie was quite a prolific writer of books on London. Some of them carried illustrations drawn by William Luker (Junior). One of Luker’s drawings is shown at the top of this article. It is taken … Continue reading

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Thomas a Becket

Above: A replica pilgrim’s badge being sold today at the Canterbury Cathedral souvenir shop. Thomas a Becket (1118-70), English statesman, archbishop and martyr, is one of the most interesting characters from the 12th century London. The day he was slain … Continue reading

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Leadenhall Market at Christmas

Above: Photograph taken about 1910 of the interior of Leadenhall Market at Christmas. Copyright Bishopsgate Institute. Among all the modern ‘high tech’ buildings of the 20th and 21st centuries, the City still retains equally ‘high tech’ buildings from the 17th, … Continue reading

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Toy Shops at Christmas

Above: The busy scene in the Lowther Arcade in 1883. In the main, toy shops are a thing of the past. Many of us will remember the days of our childhood and how there was a toy shop in the … Continue reading

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Finsbury Square and Tom Smith

Above: Stone drinking fountain in Finsbury Square. Just north of Finsbury Circus — which is within the boundary of the City of London — lies Finsbusy Square which is within the old Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury — now part of … Continue reading

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Railway Tavern, Southend Lane

Have you ever visited the large Sainsbury’s Supermarket at Bell Green? If you have then there the first question to ask is ‘Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?’ and the second question to ask is ‘Do … Continue reading

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Cleveland Street Workhouse

Above: The workhouse, as it appeared in the 1930s. It is the building with the high wall in front of it. The building and front wall look just the same today. Summary Until about 2006, the existing building, located just … Continue reading

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Tobacconist Roll, New Cross Road

Above: The attractive Walpole Arms pub and the shop next door (seen in Bing maps) with the tobacconist’s roll hanging at first floor level. Would you know what a tobacconist’s roll is ? More, importantly, would you know one if … Continue reading

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Brockley Road and its Clockwork House

Above: The Victorian house seen from across Brockley Road. The great joy of living in London is discovering quirky features all over the place. It may be an unusual building. It may be an impressive wall mural. It may be … Continue reading

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The Brockley Barge Pub

Above: View of the large pub now called the Brockley Barge. Standing at 184 Brockley Road, in Brockley, SE4, is a large pub with an unusual rounded ‘end’ because it is situated between a fork formed by Brockley Road meeting … Continue reading

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