Brockley Road and its Clockwork House


Above: The Victorian house seen from across Brockley Road.

The great joy of living in London is discovering quirky features all over the place. It may be an unusual building. It may be an impressive wall mural. It may be a Blue Plaque that you had not noticed even though you had walked down that particular street many times. This article is in part all of those things rolled into one.

Walking is becoming a rare sight in many parts of London as we take to our cars, or travel by bus or even by train. You probably see the least amount of London when you travel by train. Depending on where you sit, you might not see many features in a road even travelling by bus. Even if you have a good seat, the bus may pass through a street quite quickly and then you may miss things. The human being has evolved to take in the most amount of information when moving at walking speed. While walking some people now have their eyes looking down at their phone and they don’t see much — even bumping into other pedestrians.

When walking in London it pays to look around you and also to look up at the buildings — also keeping a sharp lookout for traffic, of course.

Brockley has a fine collection of houses, many of then Victorian, in an elegant style. One such house, seen at the top of this article, has been painted cream. It stands at the fork formed with Coulgate Street and Brockley Road. It is yet one more example of a fine Victorian house, with its side wall exposed because of it standing near the fork in the road.


Above: Close up of the same image as shown above.

On closer examination we see that a large key — such as you the type you might wind up a wall-clock with — has been painted in three-dimensional perspective on that wall. It is important to view the artwork at the correct angle so that the perspective of the key matches the perspective of the view of the house. Someone obviously had a clever idea because the illusion is very impressive. One wonders how many of the locals passing by have ever noticed it !


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