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Durham House Street

Above: The large piece of land with Durham House standing on it. We can see the Great Hall with its large roof and what look like three large church windows along its southern side. Along the riverside is a high … Continue reading

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Hungerford Bridge

Above: Photograph by William Henry Fox Talbot, about 1854, shortly after the bridge was opened. This is one of the earliest photographs ever taken in London. The image is copyright. Towards the western end of the Strand is the rectangular site … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes pub

Above: The colourful exterior of the pub on a summer’s day. It is just possible that about half the people in the world, who know the name of Sherlock Holmes, actually think that he was a real person. The creator … Continue reading

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St Mary Rounceval, Priory and Hospital of

Above: Probably the only contemporary drawing of the Priory and Hospital. It is part of a large panorama drawn by Wyngaerde in 1543, only six years before its final closure. Whether the buildings are to scale is doubtful. Charing Cross … Continue reading

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Post Roads and Post Offices

Above: The typical scene of the country Post Office some time around the 1800s. When did post offices start? Where does the name come from? Who used the early mail services? These and other similar question will be answered as … Continue reading

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Above: Map showing the boundary of the parish of St Mary, Whitechapel, in the 1790s. (1024×800) CLICK ON MAP TO ENLARGE. If you look at any modern street map of London, you will find ‘Whitechapel High Street’ and ‘Whitechapel Road’ … Continue reading

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Aldwych in 1928

Above: View looking east at Aldwych in December 1928. Photo copyright Getty images. “A Moment in Time” There must be thousands of millions of photos of London that have been taken ever since the medium was invented in the 1840s. … Continue reading

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