Metropolitan London (Year 5)


This article outlines the plan for looking at London for the next few months. Having made part of the City of London our focus during the autumn term and then looked at part of the City of Westminster during the spring term, there are still another eleven Inner London Boroughs to be considered. This is all part of a larger plan that extends over six years. This is ‘Year 5’.


Above: Map of the 28 Metropolitan Boroughs that made up London until 1965. In addition there was the City of London (in pink).

This year, as you can see from the outline map above, we will be looking at the London Borough of Islington and also the London Borough of Lambeth. They are both shaded pale green.

The London Borough of Islington was originally two Metropolitan Boroughs – Finsbury (whose southern boundary touched the City of London) and Islington (whose most northerly extent was part of Highgate.

The London Borough of Lambeth was, before 1965, the Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth. It was a long ‘skinny’ borough extending all the way from today’s South Bank (and the original village of Lambeth which gave the borough its name) to part of Crystal Palace Parade. In 1965 the old Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth became the London Borough of Lambeth with the addition of two other ‘parcels’ of land – Clapham and Streatham. Before the borough changes in 1965 Clapham and Streatham were within the Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth.

There is therefore much to be explored. The articles will concentrate on the London Borough of Islington for the next few weeks and then turn to the London Borough of Lambeth. As is usually the case, other subjects – some topical and others that seem appropriate to include – are ‘woven’ into the collection of blogs to be found on this Website.


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