DLR Pictures and Videos

DLR train_800x500

Above: Its easy to forget that the DLR started with one-carriage trains and brand new stations which only had to be short to accommodate them.

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) was opened by Queen Elizabeth II during 1987 and its first day of public access was 31 August 1987. It happened to be the August Bank Holiday that year. Those who travelled on it had bought a Travel Card and most of them were enthusiasts who stayed on the train from one terminus to the other.

All that seems a long time ago. The trains later started to operate with two carriages after considerable structural work to increase the length of many of the stations. A few of them were already long enough to take the longer trains. The popularity grew and nearly every station had to be extended once more to allow three-carriage trains to run. Few people realise that increasing a train’s length also requires the signalling to be be modified as well.

The driverless trains are well used today and provide wonderful views across London because most of their route is on viaducts. There is plenty of visual information about the DLR on the Internet. Listed below are a few of the interesting pictures and videos on other Websites that you may not have seen before.

The DLR at 25 Years

In Pictures: The DLR at Twenty Five

Film released to mark DLR’s 20th anniversary on 31 August 2007

The origins of the Docklands Light Railway and of City Airport


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