Crossrail Pictures and Videos

Crossrail train_800x500

Above: Artist’s impression of the new Crossrail trains which will be 200 metres long. The carriages are longer than on other trains with three doors each side of the carriage (instead of the normal two).

A very topical subject at the moment is Crossrail (which has been officially named the Elizabeth Line). It will not open officially to the public until 2018. Building the line is considered to be the largest engineering project in Europe and the first major addition to London’s railways since Victorian times. It is projected to carry 10 per cent of all the passengers making journeys each day in London.

From time to time, fascinating images and videos appear in the Internet. Those listed below will be of interest to some of you. This selection are all on external Websites. The links are quite long and each one may appear on two or more lines.

Great pictures of the Crossrail line under construction

Newly Released Information about the Stations

Video about New Crossrail Trains


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