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Px05698_800x340_EasyHDR3_(e) - 6 May 2016

Above: View looking east from Blackfriars Station.

I would appreciate a few moments of your time in giving me a little feedback. Those of you who follow the blogs receive them three times each week. They started in September 2014. I like to think that at least some of you read them, otherwise there is little point in their being written. In fact I know that some of you read them because you send in useful and appreciative comments about what I write.

Of course the question is ‘Do you read each article or do you just skim over the top picture and have a look to see what else looks interesting?’. If that is the case then the article becomes little more than another piece of ‘eye candy’ on the Internet.

Although some of you send in comments from time to time, there is ‘a silent majority’ who never comment – either to say if the articles are good or bad. I would appreciate a reply from those of you who are on the list that notifies you each time a blog is published. All I want to know are answers to two simple questions.

(1) Of the blogs you have seen since you started following ‘Know Your London’, which one was for you the most interesting?

(2) Within the last few weeks was there a blog which you have found interesting?

If you have any other comments, please add them to you reply.

You can leave your replies in the comments section below or, if you would prefer, you can email me at the address below. (Note: The address is text converted into an image to prevent automated trolling of the email address on this Website).

Email address

If you enjoy the blogs, then I hope you will be able to add a reply. Knowing what think about the blogs is important for continuing this Website. Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback.


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12 Responses to Information Please

  1. Penelope Tay says:

    Adrian, I read all your blogs and find them very interesting. To answer Q2. The London Stone was particularly interesting as my father used to drink in the pub round the corner, also called the ‘London Stone’ and I remember seeing the stone behind the metal grill and not thinking much about it so I’m pleased to read its history. Q1. I found the Smithfield market and surrounding area blog interesting and I am particularly interested in Tooley Street/Tower Bridge area and your photographs, such as the one today. Please keep up posting.


  2. John Halligan says:

    I do read and save all of your blogs and I’m particularly interested in the ones around Smithfield and the Rookery Hotel, where we may book a stay. In March I enjoyed reading about the Hotel Cecil. I appreciate how much research goes into producing the blogs.


    • Thanks John for replying and for your appreciation of my work. It is a great pleasure to find new facts about London and then passing them on using the new format of the blogs.


  3. Sylvia Lawson says:

    Hello Adrian, I really enjoy reading your blogs but mostly don’t get round to looking at them until some time after, when I find the time to catch up. The one that interested me the most recently was the one about St George’s Church, Perry Hill, as that was the church I attended as a child and teenager and where John and I got married in 1965. I haven’t been back to see the rebuilt church so was very interested in your photos. Other blogs remind me of happy times when we both attended your classes – and remind me of how much I have forgotten about London since!


    • Thank you for your kind comments. I had forgotten that you had such personal memories of the church. Now that you have reminded me I do remember you mentioning it some years back. The church is always open around lunch time because they serve snacks to anyone who might come in. I do recumbent that you go and have a look around. You will at least remember the large rose window.


  4. Terence ratcliffe says:

    I have been subscribing to your wonderful blog since April and always read the text and review associated the photographs. There are many facets to London which I took for granted while resident for 40 years and to which you bring a freshness. No longer a resident, on my infrequent trips I now seek out ‘the unique’ small things once overlooked, the environs of Smithfield for instance. Recently the “London Stone” which I once passed daily, for 18 years, has been of interest.

    Since April, I was most moved by the Bethnal Green Station tragedy and memorial which I had never heard of. My loss I feel. The blog is not internet eye candy for me and I thank you for sharing your research.


    • Thank you for your reply. You comments are most generous. London has fascinated me all my life – even as a schoolboy. I have had many people tell me (after delivering a lecture) that they had walked down a street and never noticed something I had mentioned in my lecture. You were not the only person to be moved by the Bethnal Green Station blog. Because of Government policy few people heard about it at the time and the story is only now coming to light. If you click the ‘Follow’ box at the bottom of the page you can have a notification of my blogs sent to your email. The service is free and you can cancel at any time.


  5. Pat Dennison says:

    Hi Adrian, I read and enjoy all of your blogs but generally do not tend to write comments. I particularly enjoy the transport items and have visited the Bethnal Green memorial several times and the nearby Museum of Childhood. I went to the Museum of London on Thursday to look at the latest photographic exhibition but forgot to look for the London Stone. The Smithfield Meat Market article was interesting but omitted to mention the V2 Rocket which landed near Charterhouse Street and Farringdon Road and killed 110 people in the market area. The Crossrail information and videos were very good. Hopefully we will be able to use our Freedom Passes for the central area. I still have not used the new staircase by Adelaide House down to the Thames walkway. Thanks for mentioning that it had opened. Keep up the good work.


  6. Thanks for your interesting notes. I must add the V2 to Smithfield. I was not aware of that incident. As for Crossrail, I too hope we shall get free access to at least parts of the line.


  7. roger squires says:


    Your ‘notes’ are first class. I find them most interesting although quite a few stray away from my main interests of the river and docks.

    Keep it up. Very well done.


    Roger SQUIRES


  8. Adrian, I am excited about ALL your blogs. I am British, living in America. For me they are a link with home. When I visit the UK, which happens every year or so, I spend as much time as I can in London. I am inspired to visit some of the sites you write about. As far as subject is concerned, I love the DIVERSITY of your writings. I can’t recall how I discovered you, but I’m really glad I did. Thanks again! Keep them coming please!


    • Many thanks for your kind thoughts. Explaining London to Londoners is what I enjoy most. I get quite a buzz from seeing those who know London’s streets suddenly discover something they had never noticed in a street that they had walked down on many occasions.


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