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White Hart Dock

Above: Large scale map of White Hart Dock (at Black Prince Road) passing under Albert Embankment. This is one of the more unusual docks in London. The word ‘dock’ just means a place where a ship ties up – usually … Continue reading

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Elephant and Castle Pub, Vauxhall

Above: The Elephant and Castle pub at Vauxhall Cross. The sign has a ’twist’ to it in that the castle on the elephant’s back is in shape of one found on chess board. Although it sounds like a strange name … Continue reading

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St Thomas’s Hospital Chapel

Above: View of the chapel, looking towards the altar. Nearly every hospital has a chapel built within its bounds. In 18th and 19th century hospitals they were often very ornate and very grand with equally grand chapels. We do not … Continue reading

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St Thomas’s Hospital Murals

Above: One of the Doulton tile panels which have been removed from their original location and put on show on the walls of the main corridor of St Thomas’s Hospital. St Thomas’s Hospital stands on a very large site and … Continue reading

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Horse Ferry, Lambeth

Above: Painting made in 1710 of the horse ferry between Lambeth and Westminster. It can be seen that it was in the form of a raft and, in this case, is conveying a coach and two horses. Lambeth Palace is … Continue reading

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Crystal Palace Home in Loo

Above: The original concrete walls with steps leading down to the old loos. The steps on the left provide the new entrance to the residence. “A Converted Public Toilet” Its not for everyone, but some people have found that an … Continue reading

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Southwark Iron Foundries

Above: Square metal plate, with a side of about 12 inches, with the location ‘Bankside, SE1’. It would have been manufactured after 1920 because, before that date, it would just have been inscribed ‘Bankside, SE’. Standing on a station platform … Continue reading

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The Elephant at Waterloo

Above: The wire-mesh elephant at Waterloo Station. No – not the ‘Elephant and Castle’! Just the ‘Elephant’. Its a lovely piece of public art and, remarkably, the elephant is formed from wire mesh. It is to be found at Waterloo … Continue reading

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Brixton Station Platform Pieces

Above: Figure on the Victoria-bound platform. Three figures have been seen waiting on the platforms of Brixton Station since 1986 and they are still waiting patiently to this day. The realistic figures, of course, are sculptures forming an original installation … Continue reading

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Vauxhall as a Place Name

Above: Modern map showing the original site of Falkes Hall. It would seem that Vauxhall Cross – the place where Vauxhall Station, Vauxhall Bus Station and all the traffic trying to pass through the large intersection that grinds to a … Continue reading

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