Vauxhall Station Railway Bridge

Px02543_800x500_(c) - 14d Sep 2008

Above: The southern side of the very wide railway bridge.

If you have ever used Vauxhall Station you will know what a busy place it is, mainly because it is the last station on the railway lines that run into the terminus at Waterloo Station. There are many tracks that run through Vauxhall Station and the railway bridge carrying them over the western end of Kennington Lane is more like a tunnel due to its width.

The railway bridge is old and is certainly not attractive in itself. In fact, it is best covered up. That is obviously not only my opinion but one shared by town planners as well. Someone in the Lambeth planning department or in a department related to Network Rail has obviously had the bright idea to paint a scene of an old steam train crossing the bridge which would be appropriate because steam locomotives were in use when the bridge was first built.

The artwork therefore achieves three goals: (1) it covers up the ugly side of the iron girder bridge; (2) it adds an interesting picture to an a rather dowdy part of London; and (3) it hopefully puts a smile onto the face of many a passer-by. A few more good pieces of artwork on some of the other ugly bridges – railway or otherwise – would not come amiss.


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