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Perry Vale Fire Station

Above: The old fire station, standing at the junction of Perry Vale and Perry Rise. Notice the tall look-out tower at the far end. One of the rather quaint fire stations still standing in Inner London today is in Forest … Continue reading

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London Fire Brigade

Above: Forest Hill Fire Station. Passing the local fire station in Forest Hill the other day I noticed that there was a banner fixed to the top with the dates 1866 – 2016. It was a good reminder of the … Continue reading

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River Trip for Anaesthetists

Above: A sunset seen from London Bridge on a long summer evening. “Reminiscing the Past” Every year for 25 years I used to charter a river boat and take about 150 people down-river to the Thames Barrier (and back again!) … Continue reading

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Two Storey Convenience in Forest Hill

Above: The derelict building in June 2002. “A Converted Public Toilet” Many people live in a two-storey house but there is only one residence in Inner London that was, in its former life, a two-storey convenience. Bearing in mind that the … Continue reading

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Night Tube

Above: One of the new TFL roundels beside the platform of Liverpool Street underground station. You would have expected an international 24-hour city like London to have 24-hour transport. While it has had 24-hour bus routes on selected parts of … Continue reading

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Great North Wood (Background Page)

Above: View on a sunny day in the dense woodland – now known as Sydenham Hill Wood – that still remains from a small part of the original Great North Wood. The subject of the Great North Wood relates to … Continue reading

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Crystal Palace Park Sphynx Statues

Above: One of the stone terraces with two of the newly painted sphynxes. The amazing Great Exhibition of 1851 was held in Hyde Park. The building that housed it was, in effect, a giant greenhouse which the press christened the … Continue reading

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Chambers Wharf in 1973

Above: Part of the riverside of Bermondsey in 1973. Older people are often heard to say ‘It wasn’t like that in my day’. In many cases they are referring to minor changes that they have noticed throughout their lives. In … Continue reading

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Hither Green Mural

Whether a name painted onto a wall qualifies to be called a mural is probably open to debate. The wall in question is in fact one side of a brick abutment supporting a railway bridge that crosses a really quite … Continue reading

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St Saviour’s Dock at High Tide

Above: Painting by Keith Snow. The image is copyright. For those of us who have lived our lives in London, as we all become older we also realise that there are less and less people who remember scenes like the … Continue reading

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