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Dulwich Mill Pond

Just outside the centre of the village of Dulwich is part of the dreaded South Circular Road of which this part is simply called ‘Dulwich Common’. As its name implies, the road called ‘Dulwich Common’ crosses land that was at … Continue reading

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St Paul’s from Blackfriars

“London in 1891” This view puts the observer right in the roadway. along with the traffic and the policeman. The road is the approach to Blackfriars Bridge, which is out of view on the right. The horse-drawn bus has just … Continue reading

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Cloth Court and its Secret Window

Above: View looking east in Cloth Court at the street called Cloth Fair. The large open space that was originally known as West Smithfield – to distinguish it from East Smithfield near the Tower of London – is today generally … Continue reading

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Clifford’s Inn

This is only a name today. There is a building standing on the original site of Clifford’s Inn – on the north side of Fleet Street and on the west side of Fetter Lane – but it has no connection … Continue reading

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Canary Wharf from Woolwich Arsenal Pier

Above: Looking towards the Canary Wharf Development on the Isle of Dogs. The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich has been closed for several decades now. At one time it was one of the largest establishments of its type in Britain, carrying … Continue reading

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Dragon Wash and Brush Up

Above: One of the newly-painted dragons on the east side of Smithfield Market. Over the summer months some of the largest dragons ever cast in the City of London have been given some beauty parlour treatment. There are four of … Continue reading

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Railway Destination Boards

Above: Two wooden destination boards can be seen in this image – one board for each of the two entrance ‘gates’. The boards are long and narrow, painted green with white lettering on them. Do you remember travelling by train in … Continue reading

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Fleet Street in Sight of St Paul’s

“London in 1891” The painting made in 1891 is, as far as Fleet Street is concerned, almost timeless. It is still possible to stand at the same spot and see a similar view today. A street-seller is someone you will … Continue reading

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St Dunstan in the West and Fleet Street

Above: Looking west in Fleet Street towards St Dunstan in the West. London is a very large metropolis – as we all know – but when the light is right there are just one or two really lovely streets to … Continue reading

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City of London (Year 6)

Above: Map of the City of London showing the outline of all the wards. It is now time to consider the Areas of Study for Year 6 of the Know Your London cycle of lectures. We start the academic year … Continue reading

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