Royal Arsenal Pier


Above: Looking towards the Canary Wharf Development on the Isle of Dogs.

The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich has been closed for several decades now. At one time it was one of the largest establishments of its type in Britain, carrying out armaments manufacture, ammunition proofing, and explosives research for the British armed forces. Although it occupied extensive land it never had a pier. Now that the land is being redeveloped as a very large up-market housing estate, a new large pier has been added – serving the needs of the commuters with the Thames Clipper service to some of the Central London piers on the Thames.

Access to the pier is not restricted and from such a long way down-river of Central London, the views are exceptional. Most of the tall buildings in the City of London, as well as the Shard of Glass at London Bridge Station, are easily visible. In the foreground are to be seen the stainless steel cladding on the piers of the Thames Barrier.

The busy river scene in the picture looks west at the Isle of Dogs where Canary Wharf Tower is flanked by CitiBank (left) and HSBC (right). In front of HSBC is the relatively new Barclays Bank headquarters tower, also on the Canary Wharf Estate.

A Thames Clipper is to be seen heading up-river and behind it, extending across the river is the Thames Barrier. The blue and yellow cranes on the right are used to unload cane sugar from ships moored beside the adjacent Tate and Lyle sugar factory.


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Comment – 300th Blog

Today sees the publication of the 300th Know Your London blog. Thank you for taking the time to read these pages and for your most interesting comments.


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6 Responses to Royal Arsenal Pier

  1. Andrew says:

    Congratulations on the 300th blog Adrian. For those who think they know London like the back of their hand, look again or, better still, subscribe to KYL. Thank you Adrian.


  2. Penelope Tay says:

    Yes Adrian, you are like a gadfly popping up with comments from unexpected places. Keep them coming and I look forward to the next 300! Thank you. Penelope


  3. I really appreciate your comments. The blogs are rather like lecturing to a very large class of students made up of those who follow my ‘mini lectures’ about London on the Internet.


  4. Iris Barrett says:

    Congratulations Adrian, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all. Look forward to many more blogs . Iris


    • Once again, many thanks for your kind thoughts. The ‘class of students’ has increased in numbers since I presented lectures face-to-face. My readers are all across the globe and I am very humbled to realise how many people now take an interest in my work.


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