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Holborn as a Place Name

The northern ‘edge’ of the streets around Fleet Street is the wider street just called Holborn. The old boundary of the City of London included some of the buildings on the south side of Holborn. The rest of the street … Continue reading

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Fleet Street in History

Above: The decorative sandstone sign on a Victorian building in Fleet Street. The line of Fleet Street has been established for almost two thousand years. It started as part of a Roman road that led from the west side of Londinium, … Continue reading

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Fleet Street on Agas

Above: A small part of the so-called ‘Agas’ map, first published about 1561, showing the land around Fleet Street. The first complete map of Inner London in existence today is actually not a map but a ‘bird’s eye view’ originally … Continue reading

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Fleet, River

Above: Part of a painting by Samuel Scott, about 1750, looking across the Thames at the mouth of the River Fleet. The spire of St Bride’s church is on the left. The City of London evolved into the piece of … Continue reading

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Information Technologists’ Company

Above: The front of the hall in Bartholomew Close. Not a good day to take the picture because the road had just been dug up on the right. The City Companies are still quite a puzzle to many Londoners. In … Continue reading

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Rolls Building

Above: Part of a Google aerial view of the streets north of Fleet Street showing the modern Rolls Building. Located off the west side of Fetter Lane in the City of London, the Rolls Building brings under one roof the … Continue reading

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Public Records Office, Chancery Lane

Above: Looking from the eastern end near Fetter Lane at the library today with its elegant tower. When you have known a building all your life by a particular name, there is always the danger that you continue to use … Continue reading

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Haberdashers’ Hall, West Smithfield

Above: The beautiful modern interior in wood of the Haberdashers’ Hall. Haberdashers – there’s a good old fashioned word. The first recorded mention of the craft was in 1371. The Company has its roots in a fraternity (a group of … Continue reading

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Crossrail’s Archaeology

Above: Diagram of archaeological levels for finds in the City of London. We all need helpful diagrams and maps to enable us to make better sense of London’s archaeology. The history of London is such an enormous subject that when … Continue reading

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Deptford Inclined Plane

Above: Looking north along the inclined plane towards the new Deptford Station. Perspective in the image means that the inclined plane does not appear to have an ‘incline’ but look at the walkways on the block of flats on the … Continue reading

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