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American Embassy, Nine Elms

Above: The new, almost completed, American Embassy (seen in May 2017) on the new site beside Nine Elms Lane. At the time of writing, the American Embassy occupies a large building on the west side of Grosvenor Square. New premises … Continue reading

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Asparagus Pub, Falcon Road

Above: The modern pub, standing on the corner of Falcon Road and Battersea Park Road. You might think that ‘The Asparagus’ is a strange name for a pub and, of course, you would be right. It is the only pub … Continue reading

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Nine Elms Cold Store

Above: View looking SW from the Lambeth end of Vauxhall Bridge in 1997. In those days the cold store dominated the area. To the right are two brick-built blocks of flats that remain to this day. The vast windowless structure … Continue reading

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New Covent Garden Market

Above: The loading bay of the new premises and, in the distance, the vehicle entrance for market traders. If you think all the buildings in London are always in the same place then it has been a long time since … Continue reading

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Ransome’s Dock

Above: Looking south into the dock from the end that meets with the Thames. This old dock is one of the surprises to be found in the river bank upriver of London Bridge. Between London Bridge and the western boundary … Continue reading

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Nine Elms Pier

Above: Looking east towards Vauxhall in April 2003 near Nine Elms Pier. The peaceful scene in this picture will never return to this part of the Thames. Once upon a time – all the best stories start ‘Once upon a … Continue reading

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Battersea Creek

Above: Looking west at low tide towards the Thames along the short remaining section of Battersea Creek. Buildings in the distance are on the Fulham side of the Thames. Although the River Thames is the main river flowing through London, … Continue reading

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London Heliport

Above: View from near Wandsworth Bridge of a helicopter about to land at the London Heliport. London Heliport is London’s only licensed heliport. It might come as quite a surprise that a vast metropolis like London does not have more … Continue reading

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Battersea Railway Bridge

Above: Looking at Battersea Railway Bridge from Wandsworth Bridge. St Mary, Battersea, can be seen in the centre of the view (above one of the piers). You might think that a relatively narrow railway bridge crossing the Thames at Battersea … Continue reading

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Battersea Bridge

Above: Looking at the west side of the present Battersea Bridge from the Battersea side of the Thames. Today’s Battersea Bridge is the second on the present site. The first bridge on the site was erected 1771-73 as a toll-bridge … Continue reading

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