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Fulham Palace Moat

Above: Looking along the line of the moat (which was excavated in 2011) with wild flowers and grasses now growing on the banks this year (in 2017). The stone moat bridge leading to Fulham Palace can also be seen. Note: … Continue reading

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Fulham Palace

Above: Gateway leading into the large Tudor courtyard. The buildings of Fulham Palace standing in extensive grounds are one of the hidden ‘gems’ of Inner London. Until the 1970s the palace its grounds were in use as the bishop’s palace and … Continue reading

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Fulham Overview

Above: View of Fulham across the Thames from Putney. Part of Putney Bridge is to the left and All Saints, Fulham, is the parish church. In spite of the labels on the Google map that show the name ‘Fulham’ at … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Line Trains

Above: The new train, standing at Platform 15 of Liverpool Street Station, bound for Shenfield. There is a rail service from Liverpool Street Station to Shenfield – which is being run by TFL with trains every 10 minutes. The trains leave … Continue reading

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Hammersmith and Fulham, London Borough of

Above: Map of Inner London. The black lines show the original 28 Metropolitan Boroughs. In 1965 the two green ones were combined to form the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. Until 1900 the name ‘London’ meant only one thing … Continue reading

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Beverley Brook

Above: A view at low tide of the point where Beverley Brook meets the Thames. The footbridge is in Putney and is part of the Thames footpath. By the end of the 1800s, most of the villages surrounding the City of … Continue reading

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Wandle, River

Above: Bing map showing the northern end of the Wandle (where it joins the Thames). The dark line of the Wandle can be seen. It is crossed by Wandle Bridge (which carries Wandsworth High Street) and another bridge (carrying Armoury … Continue reading

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Ship Pub, Wandsworth Bridge

Above: In spite of the pub standing right next to a cement works for loading lorries all day long during the week, if the view is taken from the right place, the venue looks idyllic. Quite why the Thames sailing barge … Continue reading

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Surrey Iron Railway

Above: This is one of the only paintings made of the railway. It shows the trucks being hauled along the track, on an embankment. The five trucks are being pulled by a horse. The railway was established at a meeting … Continue reading

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Wimbledon Windmill

Above: The windmill seen from Wimbledon Common. There has been a windmill on the site since the time of Charles I. The present windmill was built in 1817 which, obviously, means that this year it is 200 years old. it … Continue reading

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