Wimbledon Windmill

Above: The windmill seen from Wimbledon Common.

There has been a windmill on the site since the time of Charles I. The present windmill was built in 1817 which, obviously, means that this year it is 200 years old. it only operated until 1864 as a working mill. The machinery was then removed and it was converted to residential accommodation. The living accommodation was for six families. The original wooden upper storey was rebuilt using brick, and fireplaces and chimneys were added to give the building the appearance it has today. One room has been retained in the Museum to give an idea of the living conditions in 1870.

In 1976 the first floor of the mill was opened as a museum and this was extended to the whole building in 1998.

In 2015 one of the sails fell from the wind-shaft with minimum damage being caused. It was then decided to give the mill a complete renovation. With the aid of a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant, contributions from the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators and money from other local benefactors, the work was completed in November 2016.

Above: The windmill seen from the approach path from the road.

The museum also has a display of Scouting memorabilia, commemorating the writing of part of ‘Scouting for Boys’ in 1908 by Robert Baden-Powell in the Mill House, where he lived.

The windmill stands in Windmill Road on Wimbledon Common. The site is just outside
the boundary of the London Borough of Wandsworth, in the London Borough of Merton. However, the site is so close to the Wandsworth boundary that is has been included under Wandsworth. The easiest way to visit the windmill is by the 83 bus, from Putney Bridge Station, which has a bus stop at Windmill Road.


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