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Dyers’ Hall

Above: The Dyers’ Hall, on the west side of Dowgate Hill. Most people know what dyers do. Not only were there professionals experimenting with dyeing cloth and wool but many private individuals used to try their hand at dyeing and they … Continue reading

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Skinners’ Hall

Above: Looking at the western side of Dowgate Hill. On the left is part of the Dyers’ Hall. The light coloured building, with its four elegant lamp-posts, is the Skinners’ Hall and the red-brick building (on the right) is the Tallow Chandlers. … Continue reading

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Tallow Chandlers’ Hall

Above: Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on the west side of Dowgate Hill, at the corner of Cloak Lane. Its exterior is not particularly old. Behind the entrance gates, a passageway leads to a courtyard and the 17th century hall. Today’s blog is … Continue reading

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St Swithin, London Stone

Above: The original churchyard of St Swithin is situated at the northern end of Salter’s Hall Court. St Swithin – that’s an unusual dedication to find for a London church. In fact its the only one by that name in … Continue reading

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Mithras, Temple of

Above: Footings of the walls of the Temple of Mithras discovered in the ground in 1954, seen in their original position. Although today the City of London stands on land that was once the Roman township (called Londinium) comparatively little … Continue reading

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Cannon Street in 1891

“London in 1891” William John Loftie was quite a prolific writer of books on London. Some of them carried illustrations drawn by William Luker (Junior). One of Luker’s drawings is shown here – taken from a book called ‘London City’ … Continue reading

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Walbrook Ward Marker

Above: Looking rather dusty, this City Ward marker is behind a large metal grill on the north side of Cloak Lane. It was presumably placed there in 1892. The City of London not only contains a ‘treasure trove’ of buildings … Continue reading

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Walbrook and Dowgate Overview

This overview relates to two City Wards – Dowgate and Walbrook. Their original outlines are shown with red dotted lines on the Google map, with which most people are familiar these days. The boundary of the City of London is … Continue reading

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St Mary at Hill (Church)

Above: Looking north at the western end of the church in Lovat Lane, which includes its tower. The title says ‘St Mary at Hill (Church)’ because there is also a street with exactly the same name that we will call ‘St … Continue reading

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Coal Exchange

Above: A picture made of the Coal Exchange in 1849, the year it was opened. Coal had been imported to London by sea since at least medieval times. As times moved on into the 19th century, it is hard to … Continue reading

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