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Winter in St James’s Park

Above: Painting by John Ritchie, made in 1859, showing St James’s Park. St James’s Park is one of London’s most elegant parks. Looking one way it is possible to see the backs of grand buildings that line Whitehall and looking the … Continue reading

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Halfpenny Surcharge on a letter from Norwich

Above: Steam engine depicted in the rubbed bricks on one of the walls at Liverpool Street Station. ‘Reminiscing the Past’ I don’t know how you rate the efficiency of the post where you live. Living in London, I would guess … Continue reading

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Somerset House Skating Rink

Above: Looking north in the courtyard of Somerset House at the skating rink. There is something about skating on ice that obviously appeals to people. Within the last few years, as a result of the Crossrail project, two bone skates … Continue reading

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London Cab Stand

Above: Painting by John Charles Dollman (1851-1934) showing a London cab stand with hansom cabs, growlers (four-wheelers with luggage space on the roof) and horses waiting for their drivers. This is an intriguing painting from many points of view. Although … Continue reading

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St Paul’s from Watling Street

Above: Looking west in Watling Street with St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance. Watling Street is one of the narrow thoroughfares that probably goes back to the original 9th century Saxon street plan of the City. Watling Street originally aligned … Continue reading

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Williamson’s Tavern, Bow Lane

Above: Looking west in Groveland Court at the pub at the end. England is well-known for its ancient and often very picturesque pubs. Over the centuries, London has had its fair share and that also applies to the City. In recent … Continue reading

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St Mary le Bow

Above: View looking west in Cheapside at the magnificent tower of St Mary le Bow. The phrase ‘Born within the sound of Bow Bells’ is one that many people have heard. ‘Bow Bells’ simply means the church bells of St … Continue reading

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