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Wilson Grove

Above: Wilson Grove showing how the houses were laid out with provision for gardens and space in the street to plant trees. Compared with the cramped dirty streets of Victorian times, the streets of Bermondsey are vastly improved – particularly … Continue reading

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Potter’s Fields

Above: Looking north towards Tower Bridge in Potter’s Fields. Potter’s Fields used to be the name of a narrow street that was the last turning running north from Tooley Street as you walked east, before arriving at Tower Bridge and … Continue reading

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Albion Dry Dock

Above: Photograph, taken in 1991 through a chain-link fence, looking south at the dry-dock flooded with rain-water. The gates on either side of the entrance (that would originally have opened into Albion Dock) can be seen. On the horizon towards … Continue reading

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Greenland Dock

Above: Looking east from the western end of Greenland Dock. First constructed between 1695 and 1699 as the Howland Great Wet Dock, it was named after a Streatham landowner called John Howland. The rectangular dock had an area of about … Continue reading

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Pageant Stairs Obelisk

Above: Looking east from the footpath leading to Pageant Stairs, with the Obelisk on the right, beside the Thames in Rotherhithe. Until the 1980s, walking any distance along the side of the Thames was not possible. Many warehouses were built … Continue reading

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Redriff – An Old Place Name

Above: Part of Rotherhithe with its alternative name shown on John Rocque’s map of 1746. There are two place names – either side of the Thames – that are very similar and which point to the same topic. They are … Continue reading

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Lee Boo, Prince

Above: A plaque inside the church of St Mary, Rotherhithe. This is a story about far-away islands and how remote it must have felt to be sailing around the world in the 18th century. It also concerns the East India … Continue reading

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St Mary, Rotherhithe

Above: The church and tower in the winter months when the view is not obscured by leaves on the trees. The view is from the additional graveyard with the watch-house on the far right. The origins of the church are … Continue reading

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Courage Brewery

Above: The old brewery standing beside the Thames still has its white cupula on the top. It stands between Butler’s Wharf and Tower Bridge. There was a time, not so long ago, when London was the home of many breweries. Not … Continue reading

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Hay’s Galleria

Above: View looking west in Tooley Street at the rebuilt London Bridge Station (left) and Hay’s Galleria (right). In medieval times Tooley Street was crossed by several streams which flowed at right-angles to the street and discharged into the Thames. … Continue reading

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