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City Views from Waterloo Bridge

Above: Looking east towards the City of London from Waterloo Bridge. Probably one of the most photographed views of London is the one shown above. It works from almost every angle and can be found in many picture books of … Continue reading

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Wapping River Police Pier

Above: Looking downriver from Fountain Green. ‘These days the Thames is dead’ – were the words of a river-historian when interviewed in a documentary about life working on the Thames below Tower Bridge. Compared with even the 1960s, when large cargo … Continue reading

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Woodward Fisher

Above: Looking across the Thames at Woodward Fisher’s yard. In front of the old blue woodwork on the shore are lighters owned by Woodward Fisher. The view was taken from near the old Rotherhithe Fire Station in June 1976. Detailed … Continue reading

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Liverpool Street Station in 1938

Above: Painting by Grace Golden in 1938 entitled ‘Catching the 5.15’. Do you remember Liverpool Street Station before the 1990s? It was probably one of the ugliest station concourses in London. The station opened in 1874 and, while its architecture … Continue reading

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Golden, Grace

Above: Looking west above Bankside (probably while standing on Southwark Bridge). Drawn by Grace Golden in 1927. Detailed Description of the Image The scene in the drawing needs further explanation. Although we are now used to strolling along Bankside – … Continue reading

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Fountain Green Views

Above: View from Fountain Green looking upriver to Tower Bridge. Fountain Green is a development of small housing which stands on the site of Fountain Dock, Fountain Wharf and Fountain Stairs. The dock and wharf were in existence in the … Continue reading

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Blake’s Gravestone

Above: The new gravestone to William Blake, photographed a few days after being unveiled – still adorned with flowers, placed by those present at the ceremony. William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827), English poet, painter and printmaker. … Continue reading

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Seafarers’ Memorial

Above: The memorial standing beside the pavement on the east side of Albert Embankment, a short distance south of Lambeth Bridge. Until the middle of the 20th century, most memorials in London were either statues of famous people or a … Continue reading

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Colt Technology Services Mural

Above: Part of the mural that faces onto New Inn Yard. It is a sad fact but it has to be admitted that most of Shoreditch is rather drab. The busy roads that cross the land, with their endless traffic … Continue reading

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Cherry Garden Pier

Above: Looking east from the shore at low tide, with Canary Wharf in the background. The subject of piers on the Thames in an interesting one. In the days when the docks were still in use – which ended by the … Continue reading

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