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Seafarers’ Memorial

Above: The memorial standing beside the pavement on the east side of Albert Embankment, a short distance south of Lambeth Bridge. Until the middle of the 20th century, most memorials in London were either statues of famous people or a … Continue reading

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Colt Technology Services Mural

Above: Part of the mural that faces onto New Inn Yard. It is a sad fact but it has to be admitted that most of Shoreditch is rather drab. The busy roads that cross the land, with their endless traffic … Continue reading

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Cherry Garden Pier

Above: Looking east from the shore at low tide, with Canary Wharf in the background. The subject of piers on the Thames in an interesting one. In the days when the docks were still in use – which ended by the … Continue reading

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Brixton Orphanage for Fatherless Girls

Above: The fronts of two large houses in Barrington Road (Now 55 and 57). Although they look like two large residences from the front, the map below shows how extensive the properties are at the rear. Victorians certainly did not … Continue reading

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Oranges and Lemons

Above: The tower and church of St Clement, Eastcheap, seen from the eastern end of today’s Cannon Street and looking north at the church which is ‘tucked into’ Clement’s Lane. You may remember the nursery rhyme that goes . . … Continue reading

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London Wall Place High Walk

Above: Looking east on the north side of the street called London Wall. The new open space at London Wall Place has new walkways above it and provides an attractive setting for the old ruins of Elsing Spital. London Wall … Continue reading

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Beaver Weathervane in Bishopsgate

Above: Once to be seen with the sky behind it, the cupula and beaver-weathervane are now surrounded by high-rise offices. The view was taken using a zoom lens from Bishopsgate while standing outside the entrance to Liverpool Street Station. Although, until … Continue reading

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