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Tower Bridge from Woodland Road

Above: Tower Bridge and the Tower of London seen from Woodland Road, Crystal Palace. Inner London has been likened to a saucer because there are hills to the north west and hills on the south east but, compared to the … Continue reading

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Domesday Book

Above: Part of a typical page from the Domesday Book. On the first line of the new paragraph can be seen the name for ‘Greenwich’ (highlighted by the scribe with a red line through it). The following line shows the … Continue reading

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Plimsoll, Samuel (Memorial)

Above: The bust of Plimsoll on top of the large memorial. In the background is part of Embankment Place – large office above Charing Cross Station. Samuel Plimsoll, English politician and social reformer, (1824-98). He was born in Colston’s Parade, Bristol, on … Continue reading

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Fenchurch Street, 20

Above: The office block viewed from East Smithfield. This large office block is the ‘new kid on the block’. Its name is ’20 Fenchurch Street’ because – er, let me think – it stands at 20 Fenchurch Street. Its entrance … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo, 33 King William Street

Above: A Wells Fargo coach on show in the window of the new premises. If you grew up in a house that had black and white television, you probably watched the many ‘cowboys and Indians’ films on ‘the box’. They … Continue reading

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Prusom’s Island

Above: An old cast-iron nameplate at the western end of today’s Prusom Street. The right-hand end has been damaged. It is mounted on the corner wall of a pub called the White Swan and Cuckoo. The two lamps, used to … Continue reading

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Islands in London

Above: An outline map of Inner London detailing the places mentioned in this article. Inner London is, in general, a continuous land mass. Running through it – on an approximate east-west axis – is the River Thames which also has … Continue reading

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Evelina Hospital Memories

Above: An obviously posed picture, dated 1896, taken at Christmas time. The ward was decorated in a festive way for the children. ‘Reminiscing the Past’ The year 2019 sees the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the … Continue reading

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Evelina Hospital for Sick Children

Above: One of the few photographs ever taken of the exterior of the Evelina Hospital in Southwark Bridge Road. The photograph shows the main entrance in Quilp Street and the curved side of the hospital beside Southwark Bridge Road. The … Continue reading

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Elephant Stairs

Above: Part of the OS map for 1895, showing Elephant Stairs. From at least Tudor times until the 19th century, one way for a pedestrian in London to travel was to be rowed on the Thames. River stairs were once … Continue reading

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