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West India Docks

Above: Part of Fairburn’s map showing the layout of the West India Docks when they first opened in 1802. The map also shows the City Canal. Construction work of the two original West India Docks was sanctioned in 1799 by … Continue reading

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London’s Rich Tapestry of History

Above: The destination board of this London bus bears the name of a location that was in existence about 1,400 years ago. For those of us who live in London, it is all too easy to go about our everyday … Continue reading

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Reed’s Wharf Houseboats

Above: Looking west at the houseboats with Tower Bridge behind them. The position of the houseboats is just down-river from Tower Bridge, with access for all the owners from a long and winding gangway connected to a land entrance at … Continue reading

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Victoria Embankment Dragons

Above: One of a pair of dragons making the entrance into the City on the Victoria Embankment. The 23rd of April is St George’s Day which, of course, is all about the famous knight fighting the dragon. The Coat of … Continue reading

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Chaucer’s Pilgrims – The Squire

In Chaucer’s group of 29 pilgrims – who spent the night at the Tabard Inn before setting off for Canterbury in the morning – there was a Knight who had with him his son who is described as a Squire. … Continue reading

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Chaucer’s Pilgrims – The Knight

Although the Prologue to the ‘Canterbury Tales’ is only a small fraction of the entire work, it is in many ways the most interesting. Because the descriptions of the pilgrims are so vivid, they make you feel that you have … Continue reading

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Thomas a Becket Pub

Above: View of the pub today. The present pub, built in 1898, stands on the site that was once beside the stream mentioned in the ‘Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer. It is closed at the time of writing and sadly, … Continue reading

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