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Tower Bridge from Greenwich Park

Above: Tower Bridge from Greenwich Park taken in June 1999. It happens that the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral is in line with Tower Bridge and the park. In the foreground, the two large vessels are moored at Convoy’s Wharf, … Continue reading

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Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Above: The domed entrance to the foot tunnel at the Greenwich end. There is an identical structure near Island Gardens. There are plenty of ways for a pedestrian to cross the River Thames. As well as the many road bridges, … Continue reading

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Grange, Greenwich, The

Above: The exterior of the private house, photographed from Croom’s Hill. One of the oldest – and certainly one of the most interesting – thoroughfares in Greenwich is Croom’s Hill. At one time it would have been a steep, narrow … Continue reading

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Charlton House

Above: The attractive front of the house and gardens. London has very few Jacobean buildings and Charlton House is one of the finest to be found. If you are wondering about the term ‘Jacobean’, it refers to a short period … Continue reading

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Greenwich Station

Above: The elegant exterior of the ticket hall at Greenwich Station. Greenwich Station is situated towards the western side of Greenwich, only a short distance from the River Ravensbourne. In 1836 the first part of the London and Greenwich Railway … Continue reading

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Wolfe, James (Statue)

Above: Statue of Wolfe in Greenwich Park. He looks north towards the Thames. Canary Wharf Tower is the backdrop to this picture. James Wolfe is someone who is very much connected with Greenwich. This connection often comes as a surprise … Continue reading

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Enderby’s Wharf

Above: Enderby’s Wharf in August 1963. The cable-laying ship ‘Mercury’ is moored alongside being loaded with a new cable being made in the nearby factory. Over the centuries, a large number of wharves have been developed along the banks of … Continue reading

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Cutty Sark (Ship)

Above: View of the ‘Cutty Sark’ before it was raised by three metres (after 2006). This fine tea clipper was launched in November 1869 at Dumbarton on the Clyde. The name is Scottish for ‘a piece of cloth’. It was … Continue reading

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Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Above: Looking east at the front of the Trafalgar Tavern. Before explaining the history of the tavern, it should be mentioned that Greenwich became a sort of ‘seaside resort’ for Victorians on Bank Holidays. Until the early 19th century, various … Continue reading

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Greenwich Palace

Above: A 17th-century painting (probably made shortly before the Tudor palace was demolished). The view looks NW from a hill in Greenwich Park. The River Thames is beside the buildings of the old palace and, in the far distance (just … Continue reading

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