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Above: A small fragment of a decorative fresco found on the site of the second Forum. The fragment once adorned a wall of a house owned by a wealthy Roman who lived near the first Forum in Londinium. The hand-painted … Continue reading

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Above: The base of one of the ‘piers’ from the Basilica. It is still in situ below ground, under Leadenhall Market. If your Latin is a bit shaky – or possibly non-existent – it might be a good idea to … Continue reading

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Turkish Baths, Bishopsgate

Above: Looking west (towards Old Broad Street) at the building which is now used as a functions venue. The ‘star and crescent’ is just visible above the onion-shaped cupula. There was a time when the wealthy men of London – … Continue reading

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St Ethelburga the Virgin

Above: View of the restored church. Its ‘new neighbour’ on the left is an overbearing office block called ‘100 Bishopsgate’ – completed in 2019. Bishopsgate (Street) certainly has some interesting churches standing beside it or nearby. One is the church … Continue reading

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St Mary of Bethlehem, Priory of

Above: City Plaque mounted on the wall of the Great Eastern Hotel, on the north side of Liverpool Street. The subject of religious houses in London is a large and complex one. The City of London certainly had a large … Continue reading

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St Botolph Without Bishopsgate

Above: Looking north in Bishopsgate at the tower of St Botolph which stands on the west side of the street. After considering the name of the church, we probably need to explain who Botolph was. St Botolph as the name … Continue reading

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Leadenhall Market

Above: Entrance to Leadenhall Market from Gracechurch Street. Most of London’s streets and ancient buildings tend to have interesting names but because we have lived with those names since children we often say the name without really thinking about what … Continue reading

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Gracechurch Street

Above: Looking north along Gracechurch Street from the southern end. The history of Gracechurch Street is actually related to the construction of a bridge across the Thames by the Romans, to connect Londinium (on the north bank) with the southern … Continue reading

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Roman Wall at Bishopsgate

Above: Looking west in the gardens to the south of St Botolph Without Bishopsgate. The tennis courts in the distance are beside a yellow-brick wall. That wall is on the south side of where the Roman Wall once stood. This … Continue reading

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Bishopsgate (Gate)

Above: A large bronze mitre on the west side of Bishopsgate (Street) marks the site of the original gatehouse. If you are wondering why ‘(Gate)’ has been added to the title, it is to clarify the name. The name ‘Bishopsgate’ … Continue reading

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