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Cannon Street

Above: Looking along almost the entire length of Cannon Street from near the eastern end. In the foreground is the dip in the street where the River Walbrook once flowed above ground. In the distance is part of St Paul’s … Continue reading

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Lombard Street

Above: Looking west along Lombard Street. It is just possible to make out four hanging signs – two on each side of the road. The overhanging clock is on the front of the church of St Edmund the Martyr. If … Continue reading

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Reuter, Paul (Statue)

Above: Looking along the pedestrianised Royal Exchange Buildings at the head of the Reuter Statue. Often described as ‘standing at the back’ of the Royal Exchange, is a statue to a remarkable man – Paul Julius Reuter. The rough-cut granite … Continue reading

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Royal Exchange Electric Telegraph

Above: Equipment used at the Royal Exchange, designed by William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone. Related to the world of commerce and trade, one of the most important buildings in the City of London has been the Royal Exchange. It was … Continue reading

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Royal Exchange

Above: The Royal Exchange against a particularly dramatic sky. Part of the Bank of England can be seen on the far right. Anyone with an interest in London knows what the Bank of England building is and what it does. … Continue reading

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Cornhill Pump

Above: The pump looking resplendent beside the street. Behind it are small shops built into the exterior of the Royal Exchange. Its a pity about the bags of sand on the far left! The story of how London gradually acquired … Continue reading

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Above: Looking along Cornhill from the western end. The huge ‘Cheesegrater’ building is seen in the distance – standing in Leadenhall Street. Cornhill has always been one of the principal streets in the City of London. In medieval times, the … Continue reading

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