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Stage Coach Loading Up

The days of travel by stagecoach are viewed today as being rather fun as well as possibly being rather an adventure. Nostalgic pictures of a coach and four travelling through the countryside are sometimes reprinted as Christmas cards. For all … Continue reading

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Stage Coach on a Short Stop

(Click on image to enlarge to 800×800). Although the days of coaching are often referred to with phrases like  ‘the Romance of the Road’ and ‘the splendid sight of a Coach and Four’, it has to be said that everyday … Continue reading

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Leadenhall Market in 1891

(Click on image to enlarge to 800×1100). “London in 1891” The artist William Loftie (1838-1911) was born in Ireland but he lived most of his life in England and also in London. He had a keen interest in London, writing … Continue reading

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Christmas in London

Above: Looking SE along Slingsby Place, a narrow alleyway near Seven Dials. Like many other cities and towns across Britain in December, London always puts on a good display to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. One well-known location is Trafalgar … Continue reading

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Billingsgate Market (Old) and the Sailing Barge

Above: View from London Bridge of Old Billingsgate Market with the unusual sight of a Thames sailing barge moored in front of it (Click on image to enlarge to 1024×640). The Old Billingsgate Market building is a splendid sight at … Continue reading

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St Martin’s Lane by Evening Light

Above: View looking south in St Martin’s Lane (Click on image to enlarge to 1024×640). St Martin’s Lane is an ancient street that runs N-S, connecting with Trafalgar Square at its NE corner. Before the square was laid out, St … Continue reading

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Tower 42 from Leadenhall Street

Above: A clear view of Tower 42 from the western end of Leadenhall Street. ‘You cannot see the wood for the trees’ is an old phrase in the English language. It is even truer today in the City of London … Continue reading

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