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Scotland Yard

Above: Stanford’s 1862 street map showing Great Scotland Yard. Notice also that there are several ‘Scotland’ names on the map. A police station is shown, labelled ‘Stan’ and below that is shown ‘Police Comrs’ meaning Police Commissioners. The mention of … Continue reading

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Horse Guards

Above: View of Horse Guards from the edge of St Jame’s Park. The building called Horse Guards was erected in the mid-18th century, replacing an earlier building, as a barracks and stables for the Household Cavalry, later becoming an important … Continue reading

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Putting it all Together 02

This is the second of a series to explain how all the Webpages are linked together. If you missed the first one, then go to the menu bar at the top of the Webpage and look for the ‘Putting it … Continue reading

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Gwydyr House

When Whitehall Palace burned down in 1698 only the Banqueting House was left standing. The Court moved to St James’s Palace and eventually the land was cleared. It was divided up into large and small plots on which grand houses … Continue reading

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Whitehall Palace Remains

Above: Looking south at Queen Mary’s Steps. The stonework to the right is the east wall of the Ministry of Defence. When a fire broke out at Whitehall Palace, in 1698, there were plenty of buildings still constructed from timber … Continue reading

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Whitehall Palace at Play

Above: Excerpt from the Agas map (c1561) showing the places where those who lived at Whitehall Palace enjoyed themselves within its precinct. In the case of Henry VIII,  we seem to be obsessed with the details of his six wives. … Continue reading

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Whitehall Palace on Agas Map

The woodcut map, produced about 1561 and attributed to Ralph Agas, shows remarkable detail for the location of Whitehall Palace. The map view looks down on the palace with the southern end of what is now the street called Whitehall … Continue reading

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