Putting it all Together 02

This is the second of a series to explain how all the Webpages are linked together. If you missed the first one, then go to the menu bar at the top of the Webpage and look for the ‘Putting it all Together’ tab. As the weeks go by each of the Webpages will be archived under this tab for easy reference in the future.

2 – What do all the Categories Mean?

The main use of the categories is to link the individual Webpages according to which London Borough they relate to. Each of the Inner London Boroughs starts with a different three letters. For example, Islington starts with ‘Isl’ and Lewisham starts with ‘Lew’. Today’s London Borough of Islington was once two Metropolitan Boroughs – Finsbury and Islington. Therefore, in the categories, there are two names for Islington – ‘Isl-Finsbury’ and ‘Isl-Islington’. Similarly, the London Borough of Lewisham was formed by combining the Metropolitan Borough of Deptford with the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham. The categories list Webpages for the London Borough of Lewisham either under ‘Lew-Deptford’ or ‘Lew-Lewisham’.

The principle applies to all the Inner London Boroughs. The City of London is divided into 13 groups of wards. The City of Westminster (post-1965) is divided into seven sections. ‘Wes-Paddington’ and ‘Wes-St Marylebone’ were added onto the pre-1965 City of Westminster. The pre-1965 City of Westminster is made up of five areas of study – ‘Wes-Piccadilly’, ‘Wes-St James’s’, ‘Wes-Strand’, ‘Wes-Westminster’ and ‘Wes-Whitehall’.

As time goes by, each category related to the areas of study will have an ‘Overview’ Webpage which explains the area of study.

In addition, there are a few Outer London Boroughs which have Webpages – like Bexley.

Finally, there are other categories (mixed in with those described above) which have sub-categories – like (c1) or (c5). To find out all about those categories, please look on the menu bar, select ‘Categories’ and read through the help section, in particular look at the ‘Special Categories’ heading.


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