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View from Woolwich Arsenal Pier looking towards Canary Wharf


Number 01 • 17 October 2020

This is the first ‘Know Your London Magazine’ which will be published occasionally, explaining various aspects of the Website. The object of the Magazine is not to present new information about London. Instead, it will contain hints and tips on how to use the pages that are already published. It will also draw attention to how some of the pages are grouped together under one topic which you may not have noticed as you read the articles on a weekly basis.

Among so many Webpages, it is easy to miss some of the more important articles. This page – acting as a headline page for all the blogs – will help to make you aware of some of the important developments on this Website in recent weeks.



The need for a magazine-style page to add a few comments about this Website has been building up for some time. The Website started back in September 2014. At first, the articles took on a random order without really having a plan. It took a couple of years to adapt the six-year plan of lectures that I have been presenting for many years at various colleges in London.

The plan for the Website is to continually add pages, each one devoted to a particular topic but all within the framework of the Inner London Boroughs. The six-year course from the lecture plan has now settled down as three blogs each week. It has been very well received by those who follow it with many readers offering generous appreciation for what has been written. When the Website started, I had no idea there would eventually be so many ‘hits’ each day. During this academic year, we shall achieve 1,000 Webpages which was something I had not thought about until recently.

The articles generate considerable interest. Many readers have made contact using email and offered further information or sent in copies of pictures, photos or maps that they have in their possession. Some readers occasionally notice a factual error on a Webpage and they are kind enough to tell me about it which is greatly appreciated.

When I was lecturing, each lecture group was made up of people from London. My large on-line group of readers now come from around the world and they are numbered in thousands. Some are regular readers while others discover the Website when they are browsing for a subject and then they continue to ‘follow’ the blogs. It is also surprising how many people are Londoners who have emigrated to other countries and like to know what is happening back in the capital.


Greenwich Wharves in the 1960s – As the riverfront at Greenwich is redeveloped as blocks of apartments, we are in danger of forgetting the many factories and boatyards that lined the shore up to the 1980s. There is a Category called ‘/Greenwich Wharves‘ which, if you click on it, will list all the Webpages to date. There are two links below –

Greenwich Wharves in the 1960s

List of related titles about – Greenwich Wharves


Vikings in London – To help find information relating to Vikings and Viking-related sites in London. There is a new Category called ‘Peop_Vikings in London‘. Click on this Category in the long list and it will provide a list of Webpages created so far. There are two links below –

Vikings in London

List of related titles about – Vikings in London


Categories – Down the right-hand side of any Webpage is a List of Categories used on this Website. There is a special page to help you use the Categories. It is listed on the black bar below the title image on the top of any Webpage. The link below will take you directly to the Categories information page.

Help Page for – Categories


This Webpage will be sent out from time to time to make readers aware of topics they may have missed. Remember that there is a search box (near the top right corner of any Webpage) to enter a name that you are looking for. There is also a list of Categories on any Webpage that lists all the blogs relating to a particular topic.


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