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Wax Chandlers’ Hall

Before getting into the history of this company, it might be a good idea to explain the difference between the Waxchandlers and the Tallow chandlers. Wax chandlers dealt in wax candles – like bees-wax. Tallow chandlers dealt in tallow candles … Continue reading

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Roman Wall – Bastion 12

Above: View looking SE at Bastion 12 across the lake from the remains of the churchyard of St Giles, Cripplegate. Contrary to popular belief, the Roman Wall around the settlement that was known Londinium was not all built at the … Continue reading

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St Lawrence, Jewry

Above: Church of St Lawrence, Jewry, standing at the SW corner of Guildhall Yard. The earliest documented mention of the church was 1198 as ‘St Lawrence in the Jewry’, so-called from the district being largely inhabited by Jews at that … Continue reading

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Midland Bank, Poultry

Above: Looking west towards Poultry with the elegant old bank building on the right. The Midland Bank PLC was one of the Big Four banking groups in the United Kingdom for most of the 20th century. It was founded as … Continue reading

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Cheapside – Modern Times

Above: Looking west along Cheapside with the fine tower of St Mary le Bow in the centre of the view. The street market in Cheapside is assumed to have started in Saxon times, continuing into the medieval period. The market … Continue reading

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Cheapside – A Medieval Market

Above: The name ‘Cheapside’ as it appears on the Copper Engraving (c1550). We also catch a glimpse of the Elizabethan houses that lined the street. “Mini Lecture” As you walk around the City today, several features distract your attention. The … Continue reading

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Cheapside – Saxon Origins

Above: Outline map of the Saxon City showing how the streets to the west were probably developed shortly after AD 886 (in ORANGE) and the other streets were developed about half a century later (in White).  After the Roman occupation … Continue reading

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Girdlers’ Hall

Above: Looking west at the northern end of Basinghall Street towards the Girdlers’ Hall. The Girdlers’ craft was in the making of girdles – sword-belt and dress-belt making. The Girdlers were also involved with the associated metalwork. Girdles were often … Continue reading

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Guildhall Crypt

Above: The east crypt, with a roof supported by marble pillars. One of the most remarkable buildings in the City of London is the Guildhall whose exterior walls, enclosing a large rectangular hall were last constructed 1411-25. This means that … Continue reading

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Guildhall, The

Above: Looking north across Guildhall Yard at the ancient Guildhall. There is no certainty about when the first Guildhall existed on the present site. The Guildhall was certainly established by the 12th century. Within the building, the heraldic arms of … Continue reading

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