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Rotherhithe when the Thames was Frozen

Above: The Thames frozen at Rotherhithe, 1789. Living in a city like London, it is very unlikely ever to see the River Thames frozen. Other places around the world experience a frozen river every year. In centuries gone by, the … Continue reading

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Thomas à Becket Anniversaries

Above: A City Plaque recording the site of the house in which Becket was born, at the corner of Ironmonger Lane with Cheapside. Although the year 2020 has nearly ended, its passing should not go without commenting on the life … Continue reading

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Bull Inn, Leadenhall Street, at Christmas

Above: A stagecoach arriving at the Bull Inn, laden not with passengers but with poultry to be sold in Leadenhall Market just before Christmas. This is an interesting print but you will have to look carefully because it is crammed … Continue reading

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Stagecoach from Norwich just before Christmas

The painting shows an unexpected use for a stagecoach which is making its way from Norwich to London. The print was published in 1820. The artist is unknown. Six horses are drawing the coach on a snow-covered plain. A driver … Continue reading

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Sydenham Hill in the Snow

Above: Heavy snow in 2009 creating a ‘winter wonderland’ around the Dulwich Wood House pub. It is not very often that London is covered in deep snow, each occasion often separated by several years if not decades. The only problem … Continue reading

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Beulah Spa

Above: Stone plaque set in the grass, marking the exact site of the well. In past centuries – particularly the 18th and early 19th – a popular pastime was to visit the parks in London as well as other open … Continue reading

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City Views from One Tree Hill

Above: View of the City from the top of One Tree Hill. Most of Central London is relatively flat. To be more precise some of it is flat and some of it is undulating land. As you move away from … Continue reading

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London in 1891 (Background Page)

“London in 1891” One of the joys of London is to find a good picture. Of particular interest are pictures from earlier times showing a location that has not changed very much. The Victorians and Edwardians took many fascinating photographs … Continue reading

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Bank of England from NW in 1891

“London in 1891” It is not hard to recognise the location shown in this picture. The artist was working on the view while standing or sitting at the western end of Gresham Street. On the far left is the curved … Continue reading

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Barbican Centre

Above: The Barbican Centre is on the north side of the larger Barbican Estate. The Barbican Centre is a performing arts centre within the Barbican Estate which is situated towards the NW edge of the boundary of the City of … Continue reading

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