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St Olave’s Grammar School – Classroom Painting

“Reminiscing the Past” For my secondary education, I attended St Olave’s Grammar School. The full name of the school was ‘St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School’ because two schools were combined in Victorian times to form a new foundation. … Continue reading

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Barnet High Street Shop

Above: Interior of the shop, showing the internal medieval beams. In case you are wondering about Chipping Barnet, we had better start by explaining where it is. Chipping Barnet or High Barnet (or just ‘Barnet’) is a suburban market town … Continue reading

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Spitalfields Roman Sarcophagus

Above: The stone sarcophagus on show in the Museum of London in 2000. Inside it is the ornate lead coffin with its decorated lid. On the borders of the NE side of the City of London stood the old Spitalfields … Continue reading

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Know Your London Magazine 03

Number 03 – January 2021 This Magazine is sent out from time to time to readers who are ‘signed up’ as followers of the Know Your London Website. Thank you for taking the time to read the articles. It is … Continue reading

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St Paul, Shadwell, with Heron Tower

For those of us who take photographs in London, it’s all about seizing the moment. If you have a camera – or even just the one in your smartphone – and you see a view that looks interesting, it is … Continue reading

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Heron Tower

Above: A view in October 2011 of the Heron Tower shortly before opening from the fork formed by Threadneedle Street with Bishopsgate. As the tallest building in the City of London – at 755 feet (230 m) with 46 floors … Continue reading

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Ratcliffe Wild-beast Shop

Above: Victorian print of an exotic pet shop on the Ratcliffe Highway with creatures imported through the London Docks. Ratcliffe was once a thriving hamlet beside the Thames. Along with the nearby villages of Shadwell, Wapping and Limehouse, this part … Continue reading

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Liverpool Street Underground Station Signal Box

Above: View looking west from the west-bound platform of the Circle Line. Because today’s London underground railway system runs with automatic signalling – with trains requiring very little driver control – the idea that there were once old-fashioned signal boxes … Continue reading

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Chaucer, Geoffrey

Due to a technical error, you may have already received a post about Geoffrey Chaucer. Please ignore the early version which was published before various additions had been made. The updated version is to be seen at –

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Chaucer, Geoffrey (Background Page)

Geoffrey Chaucer’s life is an interesting one, not only because he was a poet and wrote the now famous ‘Canterbury Tales’ but also because he lived at an interesting time in history and because we know so much about him. … Continue reading

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