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Holdron’s of Peckham

Above: The large shop with the blue name above it was once Holdron’s store. Alongside, the name is clearly still in use but there is no connection with the original owner. You would have to be over 85 years old … Continue reading

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Dulwich Park – Rhododendrons

Above: A small part of the American Garden. Dulwich Park is a park for everyone. As well as plenty of space for games of football or cricket, there is a bowling green, a track for horse-riding and even a lake … Continue reading

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Grove Tavern, Lordship Lane

Above: Grove Tavern in 2008 when it was in use as a Harvester Inn. The address of the Grove Tavern is 520 Lordship Lane, SE22. The premises are situated at the junction of Lordship Lane and Dulwich Common which is … Continue reading

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Camberwell Green Trams

Above: Traffic congestion at Camberwell Green. This picture dates from about 1950 – in the days when trams ran on London streets. They were all painted the same colour red as London buses and were looking quite ‘ancient’ by that … Continue reading

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St Stephen, South Dulwich

Above: St Stephen’s church from College Road. St Stephen’s church is dedicated to the first Christian martyr, who was stoned to death in Jerusalem a few years after the crucifixion of Jesus. Stephen’s martyrdom is commemorated in a fresco on … Continue reading

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Blake, William in Peckham

Above: Large mural celebrating William Blake at Goose Green. William Blake (1757–1827), English poet, painter, and printmaker. Blake was considered to be probably insane and was largely disregarded by his peers. The visionary poet is now recognised among the greatest … Continue reading

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Mendlessohn, Felix in Camberwell

Above: The sad remains of the sundial in Ruskin Park. In 1842, the composer Felix Mendelssohn (1809–47) first came to London, visiting his wife’s relatives – the Beneke family – who lived at Dane House, 168 Denmark Hill. Otto Benecke … Continue reading

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Rustic Bridge, Dulwich

Above: The rustic bridge is still well-maintained to ensure it is safe for the many pedestrians who still enjoy using it as part of the footpath from Dulwich Common up to Sydenham Hill. The re-siting of the Crystal Palace from … Continue reading

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Lordship Lane Station

Above: View from Horniman Gardens of London Road showing where Lordship Lane Station used to stand and where the railway bridge crossed the road. The ‘Crystal Palace and South London Junction Railway was a short line, with only four stations, … Continue reading

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De Crespigny Family

Above: Street name plate for a street bearing the surname of a once local family who owned an estate in Camberwell. This is a story about a wealthy family from France who came over to England and settled in Camberwell … Continue reading

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