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Canonbie Road

Above: The side of Canonbie Road facing towards London. Tall City offices can just be seen towards the right. Westminster and the BT Tower are towards the left. Having so many streets in London, it makes you wonder how all … Continue reading

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Christ Church, Forest Hill

Above: View of the tower from South Road which crosses Church Rise. Forest Hill was granted a parish church in 1852. The parish was taken from part of St Mary the Virgin, Lewisham. The Earl of Dartmouth donated land for … Continue reading

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Perrymount House

Above: The old coach house from Perrymount House remains beside Queenswood Road. This was its original state in the 1970s before it was converted into a terrace of three houses. (Click to enlarge the map which is 1024×640 pixels). These … Continue reading

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Forest Hill – Quick Look Around

Above: Honor Oak Road near the junction with Westwood Park. The location is still quite wooded even today. Ask anyone where the centre of Forest Hill is today and you will probably get a reply along the lines of “Does … Continue reading

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Shackleton, Ernest in Sydenham

Above: The house where Shackleton lived as a teenager. Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (1874-1922) was an Anglo-Irish Antarctic explorer who led three British expeditions to the Antarctic. He was one of the principal figures of the period known as the … Continue reading

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Sydenham – Quick Look Around

Above: A Victorian terrace of shops in Sydenham Road with the red brickwork and ornate stonework. The shopping area in Sydenham is spread out along what is now called Kirkdale and the even longer Sydenham Road. If you are looking … Continue reading

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Blackheath – Goffers Road

Above: Street name still to be seen on Blackheath. This a tale about the early days of the game of golf. It is generally believed that the modern game of golf originated in Scotland during the 15th century. In 1603 … Continue reading

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Blackheath Gravel Pits

Above: Remaining evidence for the so-called Eliot Pits on the Lewisham side of the heath. The trees have grown up since the pits were abandoned. The plateau of Blackheath was so-called because it appeared a darker colour than the green … Continue reading

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Blackheath (Village) – Quick Look Around

Above: View of the village from the road approaching from Lee. The entrance to Blackheath Station is in the dip. The village of Blackheath is among the famous villages of London – along with Dulwich and Hampstead. Almost everyone in … Continue reading

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Blackheath (Heath)

Above: The heath is one glorious expanse of grass. This page is titled ‘Blackheath (Heath)’ because the name Blackheath applies to several quite different concepts which will be defined here (in chronological order) – Blackheath, Hundred of • the large … Continue reading

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