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Silchester, Roman Road to

Above: Outline map showing the route of the Roman Road to Silchester (in RED). It was joined by a second Roman road (shown in BLUE). One of the most remarkable features of today’s main roads out of London is that, … Continue reading

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Kensington Overview

Above: Outline map showing the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the old border between the Metropolitan Borough of Kensington and the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea (YELLW dotted line). In the days when Inner London was composed of 28 … Continue reading

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Cremorne Gardens

Above: The old gates to the King’s Road entrance of Cremorne Gardens are now situated in a small park beside the Thames. It is hard to overstate the effect that the Chelsea Embankment has had on the land beside the … Continue reading

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Chelsea Bridge

Above: Chelsea Bridge looking south, with Battersea Park in the Background. The first bridge on this site was built 1854-58 as a graceful suspension bridge. Thomas Page was the engineer. It was opened in 1858 as a toll bridge. Everyone … Continue reading

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Crosby Hall, Chelsea

Above: View of the east side of the modern Crosby Hall. Part of the medieval Great Hall, in white stone, can be seen to the right. Notice the large lantern tower on the roof of the hall. Crosby Hall was … Continue reading

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Cheyne Row

Above: Looking north in Cheyne Row. The street, then known as ‘Great Cheyne Row’, was laid out in 1708 upon the gardens of the Feathers pub. In 1815 the name was changed ‘Cheyne Row’. It runs north from Cheyne Walk. … Continue reading

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Cheyne Walk

Above: Cheyne Walk is lined with grand houses. This one is the house where Rosetti once lived. At one time, Cheyne Walk was a quiet thoroughfare beside the Thames, with houses on its north side facing onto the river. All … Continue reading

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St Luke, Sydney Street

Above: The south side of the church. The remarkable church was built 1820-24, designed by James Savage. It was the first of the later parish churches to be built in Chelsea. Being a riverside village, Chelsea could not expand south … Continue reading

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All Saints, Chelsea

Above: The restored church viewed from the Chelsea Embankment. All Saints was the original parish church of Chelsea and was first mentioned in a Papal letter of 1290. Its site beside the Thames was in the centre of the original … Continue reading

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Chelsea Embankment

Above: Looking east on the Chelsea Embankment, with Chelsea Bridge in the distance. During the late 1800s, Central London must have been one vast building site. These days, with huge diggers and enormous cranes, construction methods have moved on but … Continue reading

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