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Bell House, Dulwich

Above: Bell House photographed from one of the two entrances to the double drive beside College Road. One of the largest properties built as a private house in Dulwich, the house is over 10,000 square feet in size and is … Continue reading

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Dulwich, Manor of

Above: A small version of a map of the Manor of Dulwich. Its boundary is shown in YELLOW. Modern street names are highlighted in GREEN. Place names are shown in PURPLE. First mentioned in a deed of AD 967, granting … Continue reading

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Camberwell Overview

Above: An elegant terrace of Georgian houses in Camberwell Grove. The old Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell was rather like a slim triangle of land. Its northern short side was almost equally shared with the old Metropolitan Borough of Southwark and … Continue reading

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Old Kent Road Pubs

Above: The attractive Georgian pub called the Lord Nelson stands beside Old Kent Road. In 1977 there were 17 pubs in Old Kent Road. While several of the buildings remain standing, only two of them in the list are still … Continue reading

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Old Kent Road

Above: Looking west along Old Kent Road at the junction with Trafalgar Avenue. At the time of the Romans, who established Londinium as one of their main townships, communication was a key feature of their world. When we say communication, … Continue reading

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Elephant and Castle Pub, Newington

Above: The coaching inn, a painting by James Pollard 1826. Clearly, the roads were just as busy in those times. One of the most well-known pub names in London is that of the Elephant and Castle. The pub actually stands … Continue reading

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Paris Garden

Above: Part of the Paris Garden shown on the Agas map (c1561). The large house towards the middle was the Paris Garden Manor House. A stream is shown flowing into the Thames with a tide-mill built above the end near … Continue reading

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Skin Market Place, Bankside

Above: A photograph of the street name plate in 1980. By that time, the name plate itself was becoming a historic item. Because it only showed the postcode as ’SE’ the name plate probably dated from before 1920. The ‘Skin … Continue reading

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Bear Garden, Southwark

Above: A small part of Claes van Visscher’s Panorama of London (1616) showing the Bear Garden on Bankside. Bankside was the main entertainment district for London in Tudor times and this tradition carried on well beyond the death of Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Founders’ Arms Pub, Hopton Street

Above: The Founders’ Arms pub shortly after being opened. The pub has fine views across the Thames towards the City of London. In the 1960s, the western end of the street called Bankside was a very unused area, with old … Continue reading

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