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St Anne, Soho

Above: View looking east across the churchyard at the remaining 19th century spire and the 20th-century redevelopment. Until 1678, the land that we know as Soho today was part of the large parish of St Martin in the Fields. A … Continue reading

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Soho – A Quick Look Around

Above: View looking west in Old Compton Street in the late afternoon. Defining the Area’s Boundary The area known as Soho has no defined boundaries because, unlike the City of London or the Parish of Fulham, it has no official … Continue reading

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Piccadilly as a Name

Above: One of the many paintings that show what a ‘piccadil’ looked like. Piccadilly is used today for the name of a street running west from Piccadilly Circus. It was the street name that came first. Until the 16th century, … Continue reading

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Growth of Westminster

Above: Map of Westminster shaded to show the approximate times at which the land was first laid out with streets and squares. The history of many of England’s ancient cities (like Canterbury, Lincoln and also the City of London) is … Continue reading

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Piccadilly Overview

Above: The area of study called (by the author) Piccadilly. As well as two large parks, the land covered by streets is called Soho, Mayfair and Knightsbridge. There are few people who do not know the name in London of … Continue reading

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Westminster (Year 2)

Above: A map showing the City of Westminster (in PINK with a RED boundary). At the top of the map are the boundaries of the old Metropolitan Boroughs of Paddington and St Marylebone. Encompassed by a YELLOW line is the … Continue reading

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Roman Girl Buried near the Gherkin

Above: Modern stone marking the site of the reburial of the girl found near the site of the Gherkin. Of recent years there have been three finds of Roman skeletons discovered – one within the area of Spitalfields, one in … Continue reading

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