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Maze, The Manor of the

Above: Map of the land around Tooley Street, showing the approximate boundaries of the manors related to the Manor of the Maze (1280×800). ‘The Manor of the Maze’ is really quite an intriguing name. It was situated at the northern … Continue reading

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City Views from Greenwich Pier

Above: View of the City on 9 June 2019 from near Greenwich Pier (1024×768). Some of us, with longer memories than others, can remember walking along the riverfront at Greenwich and looking towards the City of London when the only … Continue reading

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Garraway’s Coffee House, Change Alley

Above: Ornate stone sign on a wall in Change Alley, recording the site of Garraway’s Coffee House. From the historical perspective, it is sad to consider that if you asked someone walking past you in the street to name a … Continue reading

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Boar’s Head Tavern, Eastcheap

Above: Stone sign of the Boar’s Head Tavern that used to be mounted on the wall of the tavern before it was demolished. This article describes a tavern that was once one of the most well-known in the City from … Continue reading

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All Hallows, Lombard Street

Above: Print showing the church standing in its churchyard, surrounded by offices. Looking at some of the splendid maps of Central London – like those by Rocque, Horwood, Greenwood or Stanford – you cannot help but lament the fact that … Continue reading

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St Nicholas Acon

Above: Remaining metalwork from a 19th-century water-pump in Nicholas Lane, showing the initials of the parish. The water spout was where the round plate is to be seen (near the top of the metalwork). When the medieval street plan was … Continue reading

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St Mary Abchurch

Above: Looking north in Abchurch Lane, at the church standing beside the paved area that was once the churchyard. This beautiful and unusual church with a strange name stands tucked away and almost out of sight of the pedestrians in … Continue reading

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