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Grand Surrey Canal Route

Above: Part of Cary’s map of 1837 showing the route of the canal along with part of the Croydon Canal. [CLICK ON THE MAP TO ENLARGE] London still has few canals in existence – like the Regent’s Canal in north … Continue reading

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Joiner Street Bridge

Above: The girders of the bridge above Joiner Street. The rest of Joiner Street is under brick arches. The rebuilding of London Bridge Station, which was completed in 2018, was an amazing achievement. The ‘small army’ of skilled engineers required … Continue reading

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London Bridge Station New Pillars

Above: View of the concourse standing below platforms 11 and 12, looking west. Notice that the round supporting pillar on the left is shorter than the one to the right of the large V-shaped support girder. There are a large … Continue reading

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China Hall pub, Lower Road

Above: Looking NW at the pub beside Lower Road. Leading SE from the large roundabout which connects with Jamaica Road and Rotherhithe Tunnel is the rather uninteresting Lower Road. Lower Road extends from the roundabout to the awkward junction with … Continue reading

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Stairs (Water)

Above: Wapping Old Stairs, leading to the river from Wapping High Street. They are on the west side of Oliver’s Wharf. The stairs and causeway are a good example of water stairs beside the Thames. This is one of the … Continue reading

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Deptford Creek Lifting Bridge

Above: Looking north at the south side of the bridge and Deptford Creek. One of the most unusual features of the old London and Greenwich Railway was the lifting bridge constructed to carry the two tracks over Deptford Creek. The … Continue reading

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Lady Well in Lewisham

Above: The plaque on the housing bock near Ladywell Station. Today, we all have running water piped to our homes and we probably take it for granted. In times gone by, residents considered themselves lucky if they even lived near … Continue reading

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