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Dolphin Square

Above: View looking west at the 10-storey front which overlooks the Thames beside Grosvenor Road. It may be a good idea to start by explaining that the name Dolphin Square is not the name for a London square – like … Continue reading

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Huskisson, William (Memorial)

Above: Statue of William Huskisson in Pimlico Gardens. William Huskisson (11 March 1770 – 15 September 1830), British statesman, financier and Member of Parliament for several constituencies, including Liverpool. He became a distinguished MP who led a busy life. He … Continue reading

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Neat Houses

Above: John Rocque’s small scale map of 1746 showing part of what is now Pimlico. John Rocque’s two maps – the large scale version and the small scale one – both published in 1746 contain an enormous amount of detail … Continue reading

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Pimlico – Quick Look Around

Above: Houses in Lupus Street. There are many streets in the district with houses that all look very similar. Pimlico is a district in Westminster lying beside the Thames with an approximate boundary to the east of Vauxhall Bridge Road … Continue reading

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Millbank (Street)

Above: Modern view of Millbank across the Thames. The road runs near the modern embankment. Millbank Tower is in the centre of the view. Part of Vauxhall Bridge can be seen on the far left and the modern Tate Britain … Continue reading

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St John, Smith Square

Above: Two of the four towers on top of the church. Development of Westminster to the south of where Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament stand was relatively slow. This was because that land was very marshy and subject … Continue reading

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Westminster after the Dissolution

Above: Part of the so-called Agas map, produced about 1561. Westminster at the Time of the Map The above map shows Westminster in about 1561. It was published at an interesting time. For any local people who were older than … Continue reading

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Westminster, Palace of

Above: The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) seen from across the Thames. Before we continue any further, it might be helpful to state that the site of the Palace of Westminster is today where the Houses of Parliament are … Continue reading

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Westminster, Manor of

Above: Outline map of the Manor of Westminster in medieval times. In AD 959 the Saxon King Edgar defined the boundary of the Manor of Westminster as mid-stream in the Thames to the south; following the course of the Westbourne … Continue reading

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Westminster (Area) Overview

Above: One of the elegant Georgian Terrace in Smith Square. This area of study is related to the most central and probably most important part of the City of Westminster. Not all of it looks as grand as Smith Square … Continue reading

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