Browsing Help

Running down the right-hand side of every page on this Website is a list of all the categories. Click on any category and it will give you a list of all the pages related to that category. However, you may just want to look at pages relating to a particular part of London. Here are some suggestions on how to go about browsing and how to find an area of London that you might be looking for.

This Website has more and more pages added to it as time goes by. Each week, three more pages are added – amounting to just over 150 pages each year. This means that the normal menus along the top could never cope with the large number of pages which are constantly being added.

The above map shows the parts of Inner London that you will find on this Website.

The City of London – In the centre of the map is the City (shown in PINK). Look down the Categories column and you will find ‘/City of London’ which lists all the general pages related to the City. Listed below are 13 sub-titless for the City. For example, if you are searching for places around Cornhill, there is ‘/City-Cornhill’ which, if you click on it, will list all the pages produced for that particular sub-title.

Westminster, City of – In a similar way, Westminster (shaded in a deep YELLOW) has a general section (/Wes-City of) and then seven sub-titles. The City of Westminster today was once three Metropolitan Boroughs called Westminster, Paddington and St Marylebone. Paddington (PADD) and St Marylebone (STMM) each have a separate sub-section. The original Metropolitan Borough of Westminster is divided into five sub-titles – Piccadilly, St James, Strand, Westminster (Area) and Whitehall.

Other Inner London Boroughs – Shaded either LIGHT GREEN or DARK GREEN, are another six London Boroughs on the north side of the Thames and a further five on the south side. Each London Borough was formed in 1965 by combining the older Metropolitan Boroughs. The labelling on the map uses the first four letters of each Metropolitan Borough, showing how the modern London Boroughs were formed.

Further Comments – There are a few further comments that should be made. STPP is a code for St Pancras. The small areas in ORANGE are (1) Clapham and (2) Streatham. Further help is available on the BLACK bar (under the panorama view of London). It is labelled ‘Categories Help’.

Other Ideas – In the Categories column there are also Subject titles (at the bottom of the long Categories list). (1) If you are looking for pages describing the whole of Inner London then try the category ‘Subj_Met London History’ which will give you an introduction to how London came into being. (2) There is a category ‘Subj_Overviews’ which provides a short guide to each district in Inner London. (3) Smaller parts of each page covered by an Overview also have smaller areas to be found under ‘Subj_Quick Look Around’.

Because this Website carries so many pages, it may take some time before you become familiar with everything to be found there. Take your time and the effort will be rewarded.