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Isle of Dogs – A Quick Look Around

Above: Part of Cary’s map of 1796 showing the Isle of Dogs as being almost completely empty land. Notice the ‘Poplar Gut’ caused by flooding in 1660. Because names on the Isle of Dogs may not be familiar to all … Continue reading

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Knightsbridge – A Quick Look Around

Above: The area of Knightsbridge is on the south side of Hyde Park. Notice the thin RED line which is part of the boundary of the City of Westminster. Knightsbridge as a Name There are many things that we still … Continue reading

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Mayfair – A Quick Look Around

Above: Looking east along Piccadilly. It is almost impossible to show a typical street in Mayfair because they are all so different. Defining the Area’s Boundary Although Mayfair lies on the west side of Regent Street – just across the … Continue reading

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Soho – A Quick Look Around

Above: View looking west in Old Compton Street in the late afternoon. Defining the Area’s Boundary The area known as Soho has no defined boundaries because, unlike the City of London or the Parish of Fulham, it has no official … Continue reading

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