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Westminster (Year 2)

Above: A map showing the City of Westminster (in PINK with a RED boundary). At the top of the map are the boundaries of the old Metropolitan Boroughs of Paddington and St Marylebone. Encompassed by a YELLOW line is the … Continue reading

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Perceval (Public Art)

Above: The large piece of public art on show in Cullum Street. In a quaint back street in the City of London is one of the pieces of public art that makes up the 2018-19 season. Each year the City … Continue reading

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Roman Wall at Cripplegate

Above: Roman Wall still standing but set into new gardens – between Fore Street and the street called London Wall in 2018. It is a short distance east of the site of Cripplegate. The red bricks on top of the … Continue reading

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Beaver Weathervane in Bishopsgate

Above: Once to be seen with the sky behind it, the cupula and beaver-weathervane are now surrounded by high-rise offices. The view was taken using a zoom lens from Bishopsgate while standing outside the entrance to Liverpool Street Station. Although, until … Continue reading

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Hackney Overview

Above: The London Borough of Hackney shown on Google Maps. The yellow dotted lines show the old Metropolitan boundaries of Stoke Newington and Shoreditch. Other place-names in the old Metropolitan Borough of Hackney have been added to the map. For … Continue reading

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Metropolitan London (Year 1)

Above: Map of old Metropolitan London. The boundary lines show all original Metropolitan Boroughs. Those being considered in this academic year are coloured GREEN. Stoke Newington, Hackney and Shoreditch make up today’s London Borough of Hackney. Bethnal Green and Stepney … Continue reading

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Westminster (Year 1)

Above: Map showing the outline of the City of Westminster. The four-letter codes represent PICC — Piccadilly; STJJ — St James’s; STRA — Strand; WEST — Westminster; WHIT — Whitehall. Along the top are PADD — Paddington; and STMM — St Marylebone. … Continue reading

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